Collaborate Internally on a Contract

You will receive an email notification when you’ve been asked to collaborate internally on a contract (sample below). Collaboration occurs internally and externally (with the vendor). There may be multiple rounds of “back and forth” collaboration.

Graphic: sample email notification



Step 1: Access Document

Step 2: Document Mangement

Appendix A: Review Document Modifications and Versions

Step 1: Access Document

Your may access the document directly by clicking the link in the email you received or by accessing the NUFinancials worklist:

Navigation: NUFinancials > Worklist (upper-right hand corner of screen)

Graphic: Worklist of contract for collaboration

1. Click the Link of the Contract ID you wish to review.

Step 2: Document Management

Graphic: Document Management screen for collaboration tasks

1. Click View Document (read only) or Edit Document (make changes).

A. Open the XML document in Word (2007 or later, not IE plugin).
B. To edit the document, create a Contract folder on your desktop and save the file there. Do not change the file name!
C. After editing, click Check In (or Cancel Check Out if you have not made edits).
D. Select Version changes; Minor Version (0.01) (small re-writes, cosmetic) or Major Version (1.00) (recreated, new attachment).
E. Enter Check In Comments.
F. Click OK.
G. Browse and Upload your saved file.
• The file name must exactly match the document you downloaded for editing.
• Changing any clauses will send the contract to the clause's owner/approver for review.
• “Checking In” a document does not automatically delete the file you saved to your computer.
• Manually delete an old file before saving a new version.

2. Click Modify Attachments/Related Documents to view any attachments.

Graphic: Attachments and realted documents view page

A. Click View to see an attachment.

B. Click the Transfer to Document (transfer to documents) icon to view a Related Document. The related document will open in a new tab/window.

C. Click View (or Edit) Document on the related Document Management screen.

3. Add Collaboration Comments.This replaces initialing a paper document for peer review.
4. Click Mark As Reviewed. Do not click Finalize Collaboration.

Appendix A: Review Document Modifications and Versions

Use Document Modification Summary to review a summary of the latest changes between document versions.

Navigation: NUFinancials > Main Menu > Supplier Contracts > Create Contracts and Documents > Document Management

Graphic: Add a Document option

1. Click Find an Existing Document.

Graphic: Find an Existing Document entry page

2. Select a Source Transaction: Ad Hoc or Purchasing Contracts (transactional). Enter additional search criteria as needed.
3. Click Search.
4. From the Search Results, click on the Document Keys link of the Contract ID you wish to open. This takes you to the Document Management page.

Graphic: Options to review Document Modification Summary or Document Version History

A. Click Document Modification Summary to compare most recent and earliest document versions side by side.

Graphic: Document Modification Summary example

B. Click Document Version History to review document versions, comments and answers to document wizard questions.

Graphic: Document History example