Using the Visitor's Expense Report

Complete the Visitors Expense Report

Graphic of Visitors Expense Report
  1. Enter the Requestor and Department contact information. The department/school is responsible for informing the visitor of the Universitys expense reimbursement policies prior to his/her incurring of expenses.
  2. Complete the Visitor section (contact information, Dates, Business Purpose, Expenses and Amounts), based on their receipts. Obtain the Visitor Vendor Code prior to completing the Online Voucher.
    • You can look this up using the vendor search in an Online Voucher or via the Cognos SC025 Vendor Info Query report.
    • If a vendor code does not exist, complete the Vendor Add/Update Request form on the NUPortal, Payments tab.
    • Attach the completed Visitor Expense Report and receipts to your vendor request.
  3. Enter the Chart string(s) you plan to use and Amount(s) to be charged to each.
  4. Send the form to the visitor (email, fax, or mail). Ask the visitor to sign the form and return it to you. Original signatures and receipts are preferred.
  5. Obtain an Approval signature from your deparment.