Tracking & Troubleshooting Online Vouchers

You can retrieve Online Vouchers to review Budget Status, track Approvals, and correct errors.

Step 1: Access the Online Voucher

Step 2: Retrieve Voucher

Graphic of Online Voucher Find an Existing Value tab

  1. Click the Find an Existing Value tab.
  2. Enter search criteria (such as Voucher ID, Invoice Number, Vendor, Created By).
  3. Click Search.
  4. If search results are displayed, click on the voucher link to open voucher.

Step 3: Review Budget Status

Graphic of Voucher Entry page showing Budget Status Error Exceptions

Budget Error Exceptions

Graphic of Voucher Exceptions screen

No Budget Exists

Exceeds Budget and is Over Tolerance

Step 4: Review Approval Status

Graphic of Voucher Entry screen with Approval Status Denied

  • Pending:  Voucher has not been submitted to workflow.
  • Approved: Voucher has been approved.
  • Denied: Voucher has been returned for correction or denied for payment.
  • In Workflow: Voucher has been submitted to workflow.
  • Click the Approval Status to review approver's actions/comments.

  • Gaphic of Online Voucher Approver's send back comments

    1. Review Comments left by approvers.
    2. Click Return to return to the voucher.

    Step 5: Make changes to the Voucher as needed.

    1. After making changes, click Save.
    2. Next click Save & BudChk to budget check the voucher.
    3. Upon valid budget check, click Save & Submit.