Entering an Online Voucher

Follow these steps when creating and submitting an Online Voucher for the following types of payments:



NUPortal > Financial > Payments tab > Online Voucher Entry Page 

or NUFinancials > Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Online Voucher

Step 1: Add a New Value

Note: Allow pop-ups before entering a voucher.

Graphic of Add a New Value tab

Step 2: Enter Header Information

Graphic of Voucher Entry page

  1. Enter the Invoice Number from the document you are paying.
    • Numbers and/or letters may be used.
    •   Use the barcode number for a Visitor s Expense Report or Contracted Services Form.
    •   An Invoice Number can only be used once per vendor.
  2. Enter the Invoice Date/service date from the document you are paying or enter today s date.
  3. Look up the Vendor.
  4. Select a check Handling Code by clicking on the magnifying glass (see page 6).
  5. Select the Voucher Type from drop-down menu:

Step 3: Look Up Vendor

When you click Advanced Vendor Search on the Voucher Entry page, the Vendor Lookup appears (shown below).

Graphic of Advanced Vendor Lookup

  1. Enter Search Criteria.
  2. Click Search.
  3. From the Search Results, review the vendor s remit-to Address for accuracy.
  4. Click the checkmark iconGraphic of checkmark icon on the line you wish to select.

If the vendor is not found, or the vendor address is not correct, complete the Vendor Add/Update request on the NUPortal. The voucher cannot be completed until the vendor exists.

Step 4: Look Up Payment Handling Code

Select the appropriate check Handling Code by clicking its Description.

Graphic of Look Up Handling Code page

*Comments are required for Enclosures and Hold for Pickup. Refer to Step 6.

Step 5: Add Attachments (for DPR, Visitor s Expense Report, and non-grant Contracted Services)

Graphic of File Attachment

1.  Click Attach. Result: The document browser appears (shown below).

Graphic of File Attachment

  1. Click Browse and locate the scanned file.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Click View after attaching to verify that attachment is legible.
    •   To remove an attachment, click the minus sign (-).
    •   To add another attachment, click the plus sign (+).

Step 6: Enter Comments

Graphic of Comments boxes

Step 7: Enter Invoice and Distribution Lines

Graphic of Total Invoice Amount, Purpose, Invoice Lines, and Distribution Lines

  1. Enter the Total Invoice Amount.
  2. Enter the Purpose of payment.
  3. Enter Invoice Line(s).
    •   Enter a Line Description for each line appearing on invoice or payment form.
    •   Confirm Amount (populated from Total Invoice Amount).
    •   Edit the amount for multiple Invoice Lines.
    •   To add more lines, click the plus sign (+).
  4. Enter Distribution Line(s).
    •   Confirm Amount to be charged to chart string (populated from Total Invoice Amount).
    •   Edit the amount for multiple Distribution Lines.
    •   Enter chart string.
    •   To add more lines, click the plus sign (+). (Note: A Prompt appears asking you to Enter number of rows to add.)

Step 8: Save and Budget Check the completed voucher

Graphic of Save & Budget Check icon

  1.   Click Save & BudChk (the voucher appears as an expense on your budget when it is successfully budget checked).
  2.   Alternately, you can save for later by clicking Save.
  3.   Upon saving, you will see a Confirmation, Error, or Warning message:

Confirmation message: Voucher ID has been saved and budget checked.

Graphic of Voucher ID status screen

Error message: Duplicate invoice detected

Graphic of Duplicate Invoice Detected Message

Warning message: Budget Check Warnings Exist

Graphic of Budget Check Warnings message

Step 9: Review Statuses, Save & Submit

Graphic of Completed Voucher with Budget Status and Approval Status highlighted

Budget Statuses:

Approval Statuses:

  1. Upon a Valid Budget Status, click Save & Submit.
  2. Upon successful submission, the Review Voucher Approval page appears.
  3. Click Return to go back to the voucher.
Graphic of Add button To create a new voucher, click Add.

Step 10: Print (optional)

Once the Approval Status is In Workflow

Graphic of Voucher page with Approval Status and Print button highlighted.

Optionally, click Print for a PDF version of the completed voucher which can be saved or printed and submitted with paper documentation sent to approvers.

This PDF page can be saved or printed and submitted with any paper documentation sent to approvers.

Graphic of printed voucher