Online Voucher Entry

Graphic of Online Voucher Entry page
  1. Enter the Invoice Number (or create one using numbers/letters or barcode# on form) and Invoice Date (from invoice, date of service, or today's date).
  2. Look up the Vendor. (If vendor or payment address is not found, click the Vendor Address Change Requests link and complete a Vendor Add/Maintenance Request on the NUPortal.)
  3. Select a check Handling Code and the Voucher Type.
  4. Add Attachments (not allowed for Contracted Services charged to a sponsored chartstring). To add more attachments, click +.
  5. Enter Payment Instructions for AP (Include contact info for "Hold for Pickup").
    • Optionally, you may enter a Message to Vendor (70 character limit).
  6. Enter the Total Invoice Amount and Purpose of this payment.
  7. Enter an Invoice Line Description and Amount.To add more invoice lines, click +.
  8. Enter the Distribution Line Amount and chartstring to be charged. To add more chartstrings, click the plus sign +. Prompt appears asking you to Enter number of rows to add.
  9. Click Save & Budget Check (or click Save to save for later). Click OK to the save confirmation message.
  10. Click Save & Submit.
    • Optionally, you may click Print for a PDF version of the completed voucher.