Enter Online Voucher - Error Messages

Error: For vendors that are 1099-applicable

  1. Click OK to the error message.
  2. Delete the second Distribution Line by clicking the - (minus) button.

  3. Add a second Invoice Line by clicking the + (plus) button.
  4. On the second Invoice Line, enter the Line Description, Amount and Distribution Line information; Amount and chart string.
    • Ensure that the Amounts add up to the Total Invoice Amount.

  5. Click Save. Once the Online Voucher is saved, the “1099 Applicable” flag on each line will be updated automatically.
    • Examples of “Taxable” 1099 expenses include non-employee services, prizes/awards, rent, and royalties. Non-taxable expenses paid to individuals include merchandise and freight.

Error: Your Voucher is currently IN PROCESS.

When saving an Online Voucher, you may receive an error message telling you that your voucher is currently in process.

Step 1: Read the error message.

Graphic of error message  stating Your Voucher ins currently IN PROCESS

Step 3: Check for e-mail notification that your online voucher has been updated.

Step 4: After you've received email notification that your online voucher has been updated, you can look up your online voucher, budget check it, and then save and submit it forapproval.