Cancel Receipts Using Add/Update Receipts

A receipt cannot be canceled if it has already been matched to a voucher and purchase order.

Receipts can be canceled from Add/Update Receipts or Manage Requisition. These steps focus on the Add/Update Receipts page.

Why do you cancel a receipt?

Reasons for canceling a receipt include:

What information do you need to cancel a receipt?

Cancel a receipt

Navigation: NUFinancials > Purchasing > Receipts > Add/Update Receipts.

  1. Click Find an Existing Value tab.

    Graphic: Receiving search page with Find an Existing Value tab

  2. In PO Number, enter the purchase order ID number.
  3. Click Search.

    Graphic: Search options page

(A page containing the receipt appears. If you have multiple search results; however, click the Receipt Number or PO Number of the receipt you want to cancel.)

  1. Click the red X to cancel the receipt:
    1. To cancel the entire receipt, click the red X at the top of the page.
    2. Alternatively, to cancel an individual line of the receipt, click the red X to the far right of the line.

    Graphic: Receiving page with sample receipts.  Red Xs next to individual lines and at the top

  2. A message prompt appears. Click Yes.

    Graphic: Confirmation message for cancelling the receipt

  3.  Click Save.

    Graphic: Save and  Return to Search options

A receipt ID is created. After the cancellation, the Receipt Status at the top of the page now reads: