Viewing PO Invoices via OnBase



Locate the invoice via Lifecycle Viewer

  1. Select Business Process: PROCURE2PAY
  2. Select Document Type
  3. Enter search criteria.
  4. Click Search
  5. From search results, click View Lifecycle
    Graphic of Lifecycle Viewer search page

The Lifecycle Viewer opens in a new tab:

Graphic of Lifecycle Viewer lifespan

  1. Double click the Invoice icon.
    • If it is not present, the PO has not been invoiced.

Graphic of Invoice information page

  1. On the Information page, click View Voucher Component

The Voucher Document Status page opens in a new tab:

Graphic of Voucher Document Status page

  1. Click View Invoice
  2. Viewing the invoice in OnBase

Locate the invoice via Accounts Payable Voucher page

  1. Enter search criteria.
  2. Click Search
    Graphic of AP Voucher search page

  3. Click the Related Documents tab.
  4. Click View Invoice
  5. Viewing the invoice in OnBase
    Graphic of Related Documents page

Viewing the invoice in OnBase

Graphic of OnBase scanned image page


OnBase Toolbar Icons (in order from left to right)

  1. Print
  2. First page
  3. Previous page
  4. Next page
  5. Last page
  6. Zoom In
  7. Zoom Out
  8. Actual Size
  9. Fit Width
  10. Fit in Window
  11. Rotate Counterclockwise
  12. Rotate Clockwise
  13. Previous Document*
  14. Next Document*

To Save a Copy (with Adobe Acrobat Pro)

  1. Click the Print icon
  2. Select Adobe PDF from your list of printers
  3. Click Ok
  4. Save document

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