Add New Vendor Refund (reimbursement)

The vendor classification Refund is used for visitor reimbursements and issuing refunds.

Required documentation (in an electronic form)

Navigation: NUPortal > Financial > Purchasing or Payment tab > Vendor Add/Maintenance > Vendor Request Center

Alternate Navigation: NUFinancials > Vendors > Vendor Information > Add/Update > Vendor Request Center

After performing a vendor search and clicking Add Vendor

Step 1 Select Classification/Vendor Type:

  1. Select Refund
  2. Click Next

Step 2 Enter name information and add attachment:

  1. First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name
  2. Required Attachments - Visitors Expense Report (for reimbursements), Receipts/Proof of Payment (you can still save the request if attachments are not ready to upload)
    1. Click the Paperclip icon
    2. Click Browse, locate the file on your computer and click Open
    3. Click Upload
    4. To remove, click the Trash Can icon
    5. To view click the Paper icon
  3. Click Next

Step 3 Enter complete address information:

  1. Enter Remit Address - identifies where payments should be sent
    • Foreign addresses; click the magnifying glass in the Country field and select a country from the list. The address fields will update appropriately for the country selected.
  2. Click Next

Step 4 Provide any other comments, verify user details, and save or save and submit your request:

  1. Optionally, enter Additional Comments for approval justification to Vendor File Management
  2. Optionally, enter or look up the CC Net ID of another NUFinancials user you would copied on this request
  3. Click Save (for later) or Save & Submit (to Vendor File Management for approval)