Expenses Electronic Approvals - Supervisors

Expense Report Workflow Sequence

  1. Employee Certification
  2. Project Approver (if applicable)
  3. Dept./Chart String Approvers (Level 1, 2, 3, as applicable)
  4. Expenses Supervisor
  5. ASRSP (if applicable)
  6. Accounts Payable

This is a sample of the email notification you will receive:

Graphic of email notification

1. Click the blue hyperlink in the email to go directly to the Expense Report.

2. Log In with your Net ID and Password.

3. Confirm your identity with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA):

The Expense Report opens in NUFinancials:

Graphic of Expense Report page

4. Review the Expense Report and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

5. Click Approve, Send Back (with Comments), or abstain.

Alternate Navigation to NUFinancials Approval Inbox

If you do not have the approval notification email:

1. Log In to the NUPortal

2. Confirm your identity with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA):

Graphic of NUPortal Approval Inbox

3. Click Financial, on the left.

4. The Approval Inbox appears on the right; click the number next to Expense Report.

Graphic of NUPortal

5. Click the Report ID link to open the Expense Report.