Correcting FYE Budget Check Errors

  1. A new Expense Report is created from an exisiting Travel Authorization
  2. Click Save for Later
    Graphic of Expense Account Entry page
  3. If necessary, change the Accounting Date to match the period in which the expense took place.
  4. Click Check Budget, then OK
  5. Click the word Error for more information.
    Graphic of Budget Exception message
      1. Correction 1: If the encumbrance is in the previous fiscal year (indicated on the GL008 report), request that Accounts Payable roll the Travel Authorization into the current fiscal year.
      2. Correction 2: If the encumbrance should remain in the previous fiscal year, change the accounting date on the expense report to show the previous fiscal year:
  6. After making a correction, click Save for Later
  7. Click Check Budget, then OK
    • The status should now be Valid:

Graphic of Budget Checking Status: Valid