Expenses & Advances at Fiscal Year End
for Submitters and Approvers

Navigation: NUPortal > Financial > Payments tab > Expense Reports > Create a new Expense Report

  1. Enter the Employee Expense Report (or Travel Authorization) and click Save for Later.

    Graphic of Expense Report Accounting Date field
  2. Review and change the Accounting Date as needed. (Accounting Date is only visible after saving)
  3. Determine the budget year in which the expense was incurred and select the corresponding Accounting Date;
    • For the previous Fiscal Year (ending 8/31), select a date of 8/31 (or earlier)
    • For the new Fiscal Year (beginning 9/1), select a date of 9/1 (or later).
    • When creating an Expense Report from a Travel Authorization, both transactions must be in the same Fiscal Year.
  4. Click Save for Later.
    • If you receive a Warning message, the date you selected is not in an open accounting period and you must select another date:
      Graphic of Warning Message
    • Click OK and correct.
  5. Click Check Budget after you have successfully saved the transaction with the correct accounting date.
  6. Click Submit after you have a Valid Budget Checking Status.
    • For fiscal year end, approvers will not have the option to change the Accounting Date.
    • If the Accounting Date is not correct, the Approver should Send Back the Employee Expense Report (or Travel Authorization) to be corrected by the Submitter.