Enter Foreign Currency on an Employee Expense Report

Step 1: Include Currency Conversion Documentation

Graphic of Oanda Currency Converter

1. Currency I Have: select foreign currency type (ex: Euro)

2. Currency I want: select US Dollar

3. Amount: confirm 1 to calculate the exchange rate or if your receipts are in more than one currency, enter the amount from the receipts individually.

4. Date: select original transaction date from receipt

5. Amount: this is the exchange rate to enter under Amount Spent on the expense report for the date selected

6. Click print and submit a printout of the conversion web page with the Expense Report.


Step 2: Create an Expense Report in NUFinancials

Navigation: NUPortal > Financial > Payments tab > Expense Reports > Create a new Expense Report

Graphic of Currency tab

1. Click the Currency tab

2. Select the Foreign Expense Type

3. Enter the original Expense Date from the receipt.

4. Enter the Amount Spent using one of 3 scenarios:

5. Repeat these steps for each foreign expense.

6. Enter a line for for the currency exchange fee using the Expense Type Foreign Incidentals.

7. Enter information for Detail, Air/Hotel, and Mileage tabs (as applicable).

8. Attach a copy of the receipts and credit card statement or currency conversion rates to your Expense Report documentation for approval.

9. Save, Budget Check, Submit the Expense Report for Approval.