Reassign Workflow

Reassign Workflow

From the NUFinancials main menu, navigate to NU Workflow > NU Reassign Workflow.

Graphic of NU Reassign Workflow page search criteria







Search transaction(s)

  1. Select a Transaction Type.
    • Options include Purchase Order Change Requests, Actuals Journals,Expense Reports, Travel Authorizations, Requisitions, or Online Vouchers.
    • The Transaction Type is needed to optimize the search processing time.
  2. Enter other search criteria:
    • Originator (Requester NetID of submitter)
    • Dept ID
    • Transaction ID, if known
  3. Click Search.

Reassign transaction(s)

Graphic of Select Transactions to Reassign screen

  1. In the search results, click the Select checkbox next to the transaction(s).
  2. In the From Approver drop-down menu, select the ID of the Approver prior to you in the workflow.
  3. Click Reassign. The transaction is reassigned to you and will appear in your Approval Inbox.