Change the Accounting Date for Expense Reports

Approvers may change the accounting date in order to approve, send back, or hold Expense Reports after the accounting period has been closed.

Step 1: Access the Expense Report via the Approval Inbox

  1. Login to the NUPortal
  2. In Approval Inbox, retrieve transactions by clicking number to left of appropriate transaction type Expense Report
    • or NUFinancials > NU Workflow > Approval Inbox

Step 2: Review the Expense Report and make an approval action

  1. Review transaction for accuracy and validity
  2. If the Accounting Date should have been changed, you'll receive an error message and the Accounting Date will be highlighted as shown in the training sample below.
  3. Click OK to close error message.

Graphic of Error Message stating that errors must be correctied prior to approving

Step 3: Change the Accounting Date

  1. Change Accounting Date to one in the open period as shown in the training sample below.
    • Click the Accounting Date calendar icon.
    • Click Current Date or select an appropriate date from calendar.
  2. Take appropriate action (Approve, Send Back, or Hold)

Graphic of Accounting Date field highlighted with calendar displayed