Approval Process: Online Voucher

For users with the Approver role


Step 1: Retrieve the Voucher

  1. Navigate to Approval Inbox on the NUPortal
  2. Click the underlined number next to Online Voucher.
  3. Click a Transaction ID.

Step 2: Review transaction for accuracy

You are viewing the entire voucher. You may see lines that use chart strings that you do not recognize. These chart strings may belong to another approver. By clicking Approve, you are approving all the lines that use chart strings for which you are an approver.

Verify the following items:

See which lines belong to your unit. . Click Next to see the next line of the report.

Step 3: Approve, Send Back, or Hold

Based on your evaluation of the transaction, select: Approve, Send Back, or Hold.

Send Back

Send the voucher back if the entire voucher cannot be approved. Remember, if one line is incorrect, the entire voucher is sent back.

What happens next?


Approve the voucher if all line items are correct, appropriate, and consistent with NU policies.

What happens next?


Hold the voucher if you have questions that you need to research. Hold should be rarely used, utilize Send Back more often.

  Click Hold.

What happens next?