Approval Process: Budget Journals

For users with the Approver role


If one line item cannot be approved, the whole budget journal must be sent back or placed on hold

Step 1: Retrieve budget journal

  1. Navigate to Approval Inbox on NU Portal
  2. Click the number associated with Budget Journal.
  3. Click the desired budget Journal ID.

Step 2: Review line item(s) for accuracy

Verify the following items:

Step 3: Approve, Send Back, or Hold

Based on your evaluation of the budget journal, select one of the following actions: Approve, Send Back, or Hold.


Approve if all line items are correct, appropriate, and consistent with NU policies.

What happens next?

Send Back

Send back if there are errors or insufficiencies that should be corrected by the Submitter.

What happens next?


Hold a journal if further research is needed by Approver before making a decision. Journals placed on hold are exempted from an automatic 3-day timeout. When placed on hold, workflow is suspended indefinitely until Approver takes further action. Approver is responsible for timely management of journals placed on hold for further research.

What happens next?