Print an Unauthorized Purchase Order

Step 1: Create a Run Control ID

Navigation: Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Print POs

Graphic of Run Control ID field

  1. Enter a Run Control ID name such as "PRINTPO"
  2. Click Add
    • Run Controls can be named and saved for future re-use.

Step 2: Enter Run Control details

Graphic of Run Control detials screen

  1. Enter or select the Business Unit (NWUNV) and PO ID (PUR#)
  2. Click Run
    • Set the Number of copies to 0 if you want 1 copy of the purchase order.
    • Increase the number of copies, if you want more than 1 copy.
    • Click Save to reuse this run contol again

Step 3: Process Scheduler Request page

Graphic of Process Scheduler Request page

  1. Click OK

Step 4: Report Manager Administration

Graphic of Report Manager Administration page

  1. Navigate to Reporting Tools > Report Manager and select the Administration tab
  2. You may need to click the Refresh button until the lines for NURECPTMATCH and PO DISPATCH-PO DISPATCH.pdf lines appear on the Report List.
  3. Click PO DISPATCH-PO DISPATCH.pdf hyperlink.
  4. The PO will display in a new browser tab.

Sample Purchase Order:

Graphic of Sample Purchase Order