Manage Requisitions: View Lifespan

The Requisition lifespan allows you to review the current status and underlying detail for the stages of in the life cycle of a requisition.

What does a requisitions request status indicate?


Retrieve requisition

Navigation: eProcurement > Manage Requisitions

By default, only requisitions you have created will be displayed, based on your NetID. You may search for requisitions created by other Requesters by entering their NetIDs, for example your predecessor. If necessary, enter or modify search parameters to find the desired requisition(s) and click Search.

Graphic: Manage Requisition search page

If necessary, search for requisition

Graphic: Manage Requisition Search options


Business Unit

Defaults to NWUNV do not change


Requisition ID

System-supplied unique identifier for requisitions; begins with REQ. Note that REQ number is not PO number and should not be provided to vendor.


Date From

Starting date range defaults to one week ago



Requester's NetID


Requisition Name

Search for word(s) within the Requisition Name field. Refer to your school/department naming conventions to enable ease in searching. For example, if your school/department has used BLK to identity all blankets, you could enter a search on BLK.


Request Status

  • Approved Requisition is fully approved.
  • Canceled Requisition was submitted but later canceled by the originator.
  • Complete Order has been fully paid, reconciled, and lines are closed.
  • Open Requisition was saved but not saved and submitted into workflow.
  • Denied An approver sent back the requisition. The requisition total is still pre-encumbered, so you need to cancel the requisition or edit and resubmit.
  • PO(s) Created Approved requisition has been turned into one or more POs.
  • PO(s) Dispatched PO has been faxed or emailed to vendor.
  • Pending Requisition has been submitted but not yet approved by all Approvers in the workflow.
  • Partially Received Requisition has been partially received. One or more lines have a remaining quantity or amount that must be received.
  • Received Requisition has been completed received.


Date To

Ending date range defaults to current date.


Entered By

User who entered requisition. May differ from Requester if entered by one Requester on behalf of another. For example, if 2 departments are splitting the cost of an item. Department A Requester could be shown in the Requester field and Department B Requester who actually entered requisition could display here.


Budget Status

  • Error
  • Not Checked
  • Valid



System-supplied unique identifier for requisitions that have been approved, successfully budget checked, sourced into purchase orders, and dispatched to vendor; begins with PUR.

Open Request Lifespan

In the search results, click the expand section icon (triangle) for a requisition. The lifespan is displayed below the line.

Graphic: Expand section icon (triangle)

Graphic: Requisition lifespan

Review the Requisition Lifespan

Reading from left to right -- current status is active icon furthest to the right

Active icons

  • Underlined
  • Appear in color when viewed online
  • Indicate active or submitted process(s)
  • Indicate current status
  • Clickable to view more information
  • In the example below, Requisition, Approvals, and Purchase Orders are active. The current status indicates that a purchase order has been created and dispatched.

Inactive icons

  • Not underlined
  • Appear in grey when viewed online
  • Indicate process that is not applicable or not completed
  • Not clickable

In this example, Inventory, Change Request, Receiving, Returns, Invoice, and Payment are inactive. Not all steps are applicable to all items. For example, an item that does not require a receiver document will never have an active icon for Receiving. Change Requests: when the PO is changed/ updated are not shown in Manage Requisitions - use the PO Inquiry to view changed or rolled POs.

Graphic: Requisition life spane with active and inactove icons displayed as described above.

Option: View Requisition

If link in Request Lifespan is active, click Requisition icon to view additional information. You can review more detail about the item description, purchase order and distribution (chart strings).

Graphic: Requisition Details highlighting 1) Item description, 2) PO Information, 3) Requisition Schedule and Distribution which are described in the table below


Click Item Description to view:

  • Full item description (including SKU)
  • Image of item (if available)
  • Category
  • Vendor
  • Vendor Item ID
  • Manufacturer
  • Mfg Item ID
  • Long Description

Graphic: Requisition item description details


If a PO has been created, click expand button (triangle) to view PO information:

  • PO ID (PUR number)
  • PO Status
  • Vendor
  • Receipt Status
  • PO Line number
  • Sched #
  • Due date
  • Ship to
  • Quantity

Price per UOM (unit of measure)

Graphic: PO Information related to this requisition


  Click Requisition Schedule and Distribution to view chart strings and associated information. If necessary, use browser scroll bar to view all fields.

  Click Return to Manage Requisitions when done viewing requisition details.

Graphic: Mulit-line indicator on a NUFinancials listing

If requisition contains multiple line items, click View All or use arrow navigation.

Option: View Approval Workflow

If the Approvals link in Request Lifespan is active, click Approvals icon to review which levels of workflow have been complete and which levels are still outstanding. You can also see if an approvers has denied or set back a transactions and review related comments/reasons.

Graphic: Sample of approval workflow approval


Option: Locate Purchase Order number

If the Purchase Order link in Request Lifespan is active, click Purchase Orders icon to view the PO Number and additional information.

Graphic: Purchase Order inquiry page with PO details

Option: View Receiving or Receipts

If the Receiving link in Request Lifespan is active, click Receiving icon to view additional information about specific receipts and to assess any missing receipts.

Graphic: Receiving icon on lifespan

A single receipt number is created for all items received in one session. Multi-line requisitions will contain multiple receipt numbers if some items are received in separate sessions. Click the receipt icon to view receipt details.

Graphic: Manage Receipts page with receipt details icon

To see more details, click the receiver details icon.

Graphic: Receiver details icon

The line details page displays the detail of the line receipt.

Graphic: Line Details page

Option: View Invoice (Voucher)

If the Invoice link in Request Lifespan is active, click Invoice icon to view additional information. Invoice in this case refers to the NU internal voucher created by Accounts Payable when an invoice is received. Use the voucher number as a reference if you need to contact AP for more information about the invoice. To view invoice number, go to Payments link in Request Lifespan. You can also see the Match Rule and Match Status for the requisition.

Graphic: Invoice details

IMPORTANT NOTE: To view invoice number, go to Payments link in Request Lifespan.

Option: View Payments

If the Payments link in Request Lifespan is active, click Payments icon to view the NU Check number, Payment Date, number of days outstanding (not cashed), payment address, payment method, invoice number and dollar amount.

Graphic:  Payments page with payment information

Option: View Posted Credits

If the Invoice link in Request Lifespan is active, click Invoice icon. You are looking for a negative amount in the amount field in the PO Voucher Lines section.

Graphic: Invoice page.