General Navigation in NUFinancials

The purpose of this guide is to explain the general layout of the NUFinancials pages and provide explanations of commonly used navigational buttons and links.

After completing this guide, you will be able to:

How do I sign in to NUFinancials?

  • Sign in to the NUPortal
  • Click the Financial navigation on the left
  • Click NUFinancials under System Login on the right
  • Alternately, access the FFRA gateway page

  • NUFinancials Menus

    Graphic of main screen with menus in NUFinancials

    Using the Main Menu

    Grahpic of Main Menu

    Navigating through menus, folders, and pages

    Graphic of Accounts Payable menu example

    Other Navigational Elements

    Graphic of Bradcrumbs, Tabs, and Links

    Common page features

    Grahpic of Online Voucher entry page

    Floating Look Up Windows

    Graphic of Floating Lookup window

    Using the Favorites Menu

    Graphic of Recently Used and Favorites menu

    Recent Search Results

    Grahpic of Recent Search ResultsGrahpic of Recent Search Results

    Additional Features

    Graphic of System Processing icon Graphic of Save Confirmation icon

    Graphic of timeout warning message