Create a Catalog Requistion from a Shopper's Assigned Cart

As a Requester, you complete purchase requests on behalf of Shoppers for items from iBuyNU:

  • Access an assigned cart in iBuyNU.
  • Checkout to NUFinancials.
  • Complete the requisition in NUFinancials: Enter chart string, check budget, and submit the requisition for approval.

How do you know when a Shopper assigns a cart to you?

  • You receive an automated email notification whenever a Shopper assigns a cart to you. See the Appendix to view a sample email notification.
  • You may also access Action Items or Notifications from the iBuyNU top banner to see carts assigned to you.

What is iBuyNU?

  • Web-based marketplace provides the most streamlined, cost effective way to order.
  • Contains items from preferred vendors (discount pricing, enhanced customer service, and negotiated contracts)
  • Offers two catalog formats: hosted and punchout.

What are the two types of requisitions?

  1. Catalog
    •   Items are found in iBuyNU
    •   Cart from iBuyNU auto-populates the requisition
  2. Non-Catalog
    •   Items are not found in iBuyNU
    •   Items are manually entered by the Requester

What is Requester access to iBuyNU?

  • Access to iBuyNU as a Requester requires security authorization to NUFinancials.
  • Security access forms are located on the FFRA website.

Additional Resources

Where to get help?

Access iBuyNU from NUFinancials

  1. Click 2. Add Items and Services.
Graphic of Step 2. Add Items and Services tab

Access iBuyNU from NUFinancials, continued

  1. Click the Catalog tab > iBuyNU link. (You are transferred to iBuyNU.)

Graphic of Step 2. Add Items and Services screen and iBuyNU link

Access assigned carts

  1. Click Action Items from the top banner.
  2. Click Carts Assigned To Me. (View Draft Shopping Carts appears.)
Graphic of iBuyNU Action Items menu

Access draft carts

  1. In the Drafts Assigned To Me section, locate and click the Shopping Cart Name of the Shoppers assigned cart.
    • You'll recognize the Shopping Cart Name based on the cart name contained in the email notification.
Graphic of iBuyNU Drafts Assigned To Me screen

Checkout cart

6. Click Checkout. (Cart is transferred to NUFinancials.)

Graphic of iBuyNU shopping cart screen

Complete the requisition in NUFinancials

Enter Ship To

  1. Click the triangle to expand the hidden section next to the line item. (The Ship To and Chartfield entry fields are now visible under the line item, shown highlighted below.)
  2. Enter the Ship To: code, or click the magnifying glass to look it up.
    • If you know the Ship To code (an alpha-numerical sequence), you can type the beginning portion of the code, and then click the look up button (magnifying glass) to obtain your search results.
Graphic of 3. Review and Submit screen
  1. In Description, type the name of your department. (You can also click the begins with drop-down arrow to change the search logic to contains, a less restrictive way to search.)
  2. Click Look Up. (Search results display.)
  3. Click either of the links for the Ship to Location or Description. (The Ship To: field populates with the Ship to location/code.)

  Graphic of Look Up Ship To window

Verify or enter Attention To

  1. Verify the default entry in Attention To, which populates in this expanded section with your profile name.
    • If necessary, enter a different person or location/room in Attention To.
    • This field further specifies your Ship To location, and can be an important and required part of getting the shipment to you.
    • Check with your department for this information.
Graphic of Attention To line

Enter chart string

  1. In Fund, type the Fund code.
  2. In Dept, type the Department code.
  3. Click or drag the horizontal scrollbar to view Account. Or, you can press <TAB> on your keyboard until your cursor is in Account.
  4. In Account, type the account code. Or, click the magnifying glass to perform a look up based on the description of the item.

Graphic of Accounting Lines chartfields

Graphic of Accounting Lines chartfields

Check budget

  1. Click or drag the vertical scrollbar to view Check Budget, which is located toward the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click Check Budget. (A message appears.)
Graphic of Check Budget button
  1. Click OK. (NUFinancials runs the Budget Check process. The Processing icon appears for the duration of the Budget Check.)

Graphic of Budget Checking message

The Budget Check process:

Graphic of Budgeting Checking Status: Valid

Save and submit

  Graphic of Save & Submit button

  1. Click Save & Submit. (A Confirmation message appears, and the requisition is saved and submitted to workflow.)
    • The Confirmation indicates the requisition is submitted to workflow.
    • You can view the Requisition ID and Requisition Approval path:
Graphic of Confirmation screen


Email Notifications

An example email is shown below:

A. Subject: A shopping cart has been assigned to you.
B. Cart Name: includes the name of the cart as given by the Shopper in iBuyNU.
C. Identification: Shopper\0xFFFDs name and email
D. Comments: If any, comments are pulled from the Notes field used by the Shopper in iBuyNU. Comments are optional for the Shopper when assigning the cart.

  1. Subject: A shopping cart has been assigned to you.
  2. Cart Name: includes the name of the cart as given by the Shopper in iBuyNU.
  3. Identification: Shopper's name and email
  4. Comments: If any, comments are pulled from the Notes field used by the Shopper in iBuyNU. Comments are optional for the Shopper when assigning the cart.

How to consolidate multiple carts assigned to you

  1. Create a new cart:
    1. Go to Shop/Home > My Carts and Orders > View Draft Shopping Cart.
    2. Click Create Cart.
    3. Rename the cart and update.
  2. Retrieve cart(s) to be consolidated with your new cart.
    1. In Drafts Assigned To Me, click the cart name to open the cart. Locate the items you wish to move into your cart.
    2. In the In More Actions drop-down menu for each item, select Move to another cart.
    Or, click the checkboxes next to each item, then select the Perform selected action on drop-down menu, and select Move to another cart.
    1. From the pop-up that appears, select Move to new cart.
  3. Delete a cart assigned to you.
    1. In Drafts Assigned to Me, locate the cart you have emptied and then click Delete.