Attachments and Comments

Navigation: NUFinancials > eProcurement > Create Requisition


  1. Click the Graphic of line comments bubble iconAdd/Edit Comments icon next to the line.
  2. Graphic of line comments bubble icon at the end of a line item
  3. Enter a comment in the Line Comments box. (required with attachments)
  4. Click Add Attachment to browse to a file and upload it as an attachment.
  5. Graphic of line comments window

  6. The File Attachment window appears. Click Browse
    1. Your document navigator appears, as determined by your browser and operating system. Navigate to the file you need to attach. (Navigator is not shown.)
    2. Double-click the file name, or select the file name and then click Open.
  7. Graphic of file attachment window
  8. The file path displays in the Browse field. Click Upload.
  9. The file name appears under Attachments. Click the Send to Vendor checkbox to have the attachment sent to the vendor.
    Graphic of line comments window with attachment
    Note: To attach more files, repeat the previous steps.
  10. Click OK when you are done attaching documents.
  11. Note: If you forget to add a comment to your attachment, a pop-up reminder appears.


Add a line comment (no attachment)

Adding a comment that pertains to just one line item is similar to adding an attachment with a comment. (Comments do not require attachments.)

  1. Click the Graphic of comment bubble icon emptyAdd/Edit Comments icon.

  2. Enter a comment in the Line Comments box.
  3. Click OK

Add comments at the header for the requisition/purchase order

  1. In the Requisition Header Comments box, type a note. This box is located toward the bottom of 3.Review and Submit.
    • Click the Approval Justification checkbox to allow comments to display to Approvers in their Approval Inbox.
    • Option: Click the Send to Vendor checkbox to have the Requisition Header Comments sent to the vendor with the purchase order. (Show at Receipt and Shown at Voucher checkboxes are not used.)
    • Always add a Requisition Header Comment if you are creating a blanket requisition.
      • Explain the length of time the service and show your math for how you arrived at the estimated price.
      • For more information about the appropriate use of blankets contact Procurement and Payment Services

How can you tell if an attachment or line comment exists?

Add an attachment or comment to a submitted requisition

Navigation: eProcurement > Manage Requisitions

  1. Search for the requisition to which you need to add comments or attachments/comments.
  2. Locate the requisition from the search results.
  3. In the Select Action drop-down menu for the requisition, select Edit Requisition.
  4. A pop-up message appears. Click OK.
  5. The requisition opens with 3. Review and Submit showing. (If not, click 3. Review and Submit.)
  6. To add an attachment and /or line comment, click the bubble iconicon next to the line.
  7. Proceed to add the attachment/comment