Unassign a Cart and Re-create a Cart

Unassign a cart

  1. From the side banner, click Shop/Cart menu Graphic of cart icon > My Carts and Orders > View Draft Shopping Carts. You now have access to your draft carts.
  2. Locate your cart under the My Drafts Assigned to Others section, pictured below.
  3. Click the Unassign button.

Graphic of Draft Shopping Carts screen

  1. The cart is open. Make any changes to the cart as needed.
  2. Assign the cart to your requester.

Re-create a cart from history

  1. From the side banner, click the History menu Graphic of History icon > Search Documents. The History Search page appears.
  2. Under the Search field, click my carts. You can see all the carts you created in the last 90 days.
  3. For carts older than 90 days, click the All Dates drop-down menu and then select the approximate date range in which the cart was created.
  4. Locate the cart in the search results. Click the Cart No. link to open the cart.
    • (If you cannot locate your cart, click the advanced search link. In the Search menu, select Carts, and click Go. Then, enter your Requesters name in Prepared By and click Go.)
  5. Scroll to the line item and click the checkbox next to it. This selects the item.
  6. In the For selected line items drop-down menu, select Add to Active Cart, then click Go. The item you selected is added to your active cart. Note: this action applies only to hosted catalog items.
    • To copy all hosted line items to your active cart at once, click the Available Actions drop-down menu in the upper right of the page, select Copy to New Cart, and click Go.
    • This copies the entire cart to your active shopping cart.
Graphic of Cart History screen
  1. Retrieve your active cart by clicking the Shopping Cart icon in the top banner, or by clicking the Shop Cart menu Graphic of Cart icon > My Carts and Orders > Open My Active Shopping Cart.
  2. Name cart according to school/department naming conventions, save, and proceed to Assign Cart.
    • When assigning the cart, you can flag for the Requester that the cart has been revised by typing the word Revised or Recreated in the Note to Assignee field.