Shop Punchouts in iBuyNU and Create a Cart

Navigation: Go to NU Portal > Login to iBuyNU > home/shop

Step 1: Search for punchout items

When punching out to a vendor website, your login is authenticated so the supplier knows you are from NU. Contract-specific products and pricing as negotiated between the vendor and NU are displayed.


Punchout websites vary!

Step 2: Transfer cart to iBuyNU

Step 3: Create iBuyNU cart

Step 4: Assign cart

Option A: Search for an assignee

The first time you assign a cart, you'll need to search for the appropriate Requester(s) associated with your school/department. Click the Add to Profile box after you search for an assignee / Requester. The next time you assign a cart to the same Requester, you can select name by clicking Select from profile values. It is not necessary to search each time if you add the Requester to your profile.

Option B: Select an assignee from profile values

Use this option to select a Requester you have added to your profile.

Step 5: Enter note to assignee