Search History

Search for submitted carts and related documents using the History menu (side banner) and History Search (top banner). View the status of carts and related documents such as purchase orders.

Upon completion of this reference you will be able to:

History Menu

  • Search for documents, such as purchase orders, carts/requisitions, or electronic invoices.
  • View the status of documents.
  • Search by Requester name using advanced search.

History Search

  • Search for documents, such as purchase orders, carts/requisitions, or electronic invoices.
  • View the status of related documents.

How can you view details and status of the purchase request in iBuyNU?

  • After you assign your cart to your Requester, he or she retrieves the cart to submit is as a requisition in NUFinancials. At this point, you can find cart history and status using the History menu and History Search.
  • After an Approver approves the requisition, it becomes a purchase order. Once created, you can view the purchase order and any related invoice information using History.
  • You can only view invoices that are sent electronically (not all vendors use electronic invoicing).

Can Requesters make changes that affect your ability to search for a cart?

Requesters can do the following, affecting your ability to search:

  • Renaming the cart.
  •   Creating an entirely new cart in which to consolidate multiple Shoppers carts.
  •   Moving items from an assigned cart to another cart.

Additional Resources

Procurement and Payment Services 847-491-8120 email

Where to get help? For assistance, contact NUIT Support Center at 847-491-HELP (4357) or email

Table of Contents

  1. History menu features
  2. Search for a document History menu
  3. Access document (PO) from search results
  4. Search for electronic invoice
  5. Search for related documents using All Documents
  6. Search carts by Requester
  7. Advanced search
  8. Search for a document History Search

History menu features



Search menu

Search by All Documents, Cart (cart name or cart number), Purchase order, or Invoice (pictured to the lower right). If you leave All Documents defaulted in the menu, iBuyNU will search all carts (not just your carts) as well as any related purchase orders, electronic invoices and vouchers.


Search field

Enter document numbers (cart number, purchase order ID, requisition ID, e- invoice or voucher IDs, or part number/SKUs). Or, enter keywords to search for items in submitted carts. You can also enter keywords for suppliers (vendors).


Dates menu

Narrow your search using one of the date range options (pictured to the right).


Advanced search

  Provides advanced search capabilities, including the ability to search by your Requester using the Prepared By field (for cart searches only). You can also search by commodity codes, product flags like Energy Star or Hazardous material, etc.

  Provides additional fields for document searches, such as Voucher Number for and advanced search of invoices.


My carts

Enables you to see your carts, based on your NetID.


My purchase orders

Enables you to see your existing POs related to your carts, based on your NetID.


My invoices

Enables you to see existing e-invoices related to your carts, based on your NetID.

Search for a document History menu

Access History menu

  1. Click the History menu icon in the side banner.
  2. Click Search Documents. (The History menu search appears.)

Enter initial search criteria

In this example, you search for a purchase order. However, you start with a search of All Documents for a given date range.

  1. In the Search menu, select document type or leave defaulted to All Documents, as shown.
  2. In the search field, enter a keyword or document ID, or leave empty, as shown.
  3. In the Dates menu, select a date range filter, or leave defaulted to All Dates as shown.
  4. Click Go.

Refine search results using filters

Now you can refine your search results using filters such as Type, Date Range, and Supplier. For demonstration purposes, well filter by Type and Supplier.

  1. Under Type, select Purchase Order.
  2. Under Supplier, click Apple.

Note: iBuyNU displays filters dynamically, based on the search criteria you entered, as well as their applicability to your current results.

Other filters iBuyNU displays filters dynamically: Product Flag filter by flags such as Recycled or Green.
\0xFFFD Owner filter by Requesters (for purchase orders). Participants filter by all individuals in the audit trail. Prepared By filter by the Requester name assigned to the cart.
Other filters 
\0xFFFD Product Flag filter by flags such as Recycled or Green. Owner filter by Requesters or Shoppers. Owner indicates Shoppers if the cart was \0xFFFDprepared for\0xFFFD a Requester by a Shopper. Prepared By filter by the Requester name assigned to the cart. Prepared For filter by the Shopper if they prepared a cart for a Requester.


Access document (PO) from search results

Scan the search results to locate and access the document, in this case a purchase order.

  1. Review search results. If needed, use the Page arrows to page through search results.
  2. Review Settlement Status (for purchase orders).
  3. Click the document ID, in this case the PO No. or PURID, to open it.

Settlement Status

View summary and print the document (PO)

  1. View available Summary information.
    •   Optional: To print the faxed PO, click the Available Actions drop-down arrow, select Print FAX version and click Go. Or, click the Printer icon.
    •   Optional: To view items in the cart related to the purchase order, click the view link in the General Information section.

Note: Compared to purchase orders, carts may have fewer tabs and information to review.


Note: You can still scroll vertically to view:

View status

  1. Click the Status tab.
    •   General Information includes ID numbers, workflow, and distribution information.
    •   Document Status includes distribution details and workflow status.
    •   Line Item Status includes product description and invoicing status.


Search for electronic invoice

If you have the invoice number for a given cart or purchase order, you can also search directly for it.

  1. Type the Invoice No.
  2. Click Go
  3. Click the Invoice No. link to access the electronic invoice.

Note that the Pay Status is not valid because reconciliation is done in NUFinancials, not in iBuyNU.

Review invoice information

  1. Review invoice information as shown.

Search for related documents using All Documents

Consider a different example. You can enter an ID number for purchase order, cart, or invoice, and obtain related documents in your search results.

Advanced search

Search carts by Requester

This search may be helpful to you when you cannot locate your carts by clicking my carts. If your Requester has renamed your cart, for example, you may be able to find the cart using an advanced search.

  1. Click advanced search.
  1. Click the All Documents drop-down arrow.

  1. Select Carts. (New fields based on the Carts selection appear. See the next page.)
  2. The Prepared By field appears. Click the magnifying glass to look up the Shopper.

  1. In the User Search pop-up box, type name in Last Name and First Name fields. You could also search by email or user name.
  2. Click Search.

  1. Click select. (The Prepared By field at the top of the screen now displays the user you selected).
  2. Click Add Selected Users.
  3. Click Go

In the advanced search page, Prepared By now displays the name, in this case the name of the Requester that you previously selected.
9. Click Go.

In the advanced search page, Prepared By now displays the name, in this case the name of the requester that you previously selected.


Access cart from search results

From the results, locate the cart assigned to the Requester for whom you searched.

  1. Click the Cart No. link to access the cart.

Review cart line items

From this screen, you can review the cart line items. (You can also review any comments that were added to the cart. To do so, click Comments tab. Note that Attachments are not used.)

  1. Review the line items in the cart.

Optional: Add cart items to an active cart

Additionally, for hosted catalog items, you can add items to active or draft carts from this screen. For each line item you want to add:

Review status

  1. Click the History tab.
  1. View the Action column for key milestones. Approvals do not show up in iBuyNU, because approvals are done in NUFinancials, not in iBuyNU.

Requisition Submitted indicates when the cart was turned into a requisition.

Advanced search

Advanced searches, using the Search drop-down menu, contain dynamic fields that appear based on menu selection.

Purchase Order

Advanced search fields for purchase orders are shown below:

For purchase orders, you can search by:

  1. Participant(s) include people in the purchase order audit trail.
  2. Owner is usually the Requester who submitter the cart/requisition.

Note: you can also search by carts and Invoice Identification, including voucher number. You can also search by Invoice Status, for existing electronic invoices.


Advanced search fields for invoices are shown below.

  1. You can search for Voucher Number, Invoice Name, and Supplier Invoice Number.
  2. Invoice Owner is usually the Requester who submitted the cart/requisition

Search for a document History Search

Unlike the History menu, History Search requires you to enter search criteria. Therefore, you cannot perform an open search for all your carts or other documents. Also, History Search does not include advanced search capabilities or the ability to search my carts, my purchase orders, and my invoices, which are documents linked solely to you based on your NetID.

Access History Search

  1. Click the History Search magnifying glass in the top banner. (History Search appears.)
  2. Select a Document type from the drop-down menu, or as needed, leave defaulted to Document.
    • Note: All and Document are similar. Both return results for related documents. All displays a preview of documents in the History search box, while Documents returns search results in a new page.
  3. Enter a document ID or keyword in the Search field. Keywords can include cart name or item name. This example uses the keyword "beaker" You must enter search terms in the Search Field.
  4. Click the magnifying glass in the Search field to search.

Enter search criteria

Review search results

iBuyNU returns search results. The first document listed in the search results is automatically displayed in a new page or tab (depending on browser settings.) In this example, ninety-two carts are returned containing at least one item matched to the keyword beaker. (To view other items, if existing, scroll vertically.)

Some options:

  1. View History, such as requisition actions (requisition assigned, requisition submitted, etc.), using the History tab.
  2. Use the results arrows to page through your search results.
  3. Use the Document Number(s) drop-down menu to view search results by document ID. Select a document from the drop-down menu to access that document.
  4. Add a hosted item to your active cart by selecting the checkbox for the item. Then use the For selected line items drop-down menu to select Add to Active Cart.