Create and assign a cart

This guide describes how to create a cart and assign a shopping cart to your school or department Requester in iBuyNU.

After completing this guide, you should be able to:

  • Create a cart using a simple search.
  • Add items to your cart.
  • Assign your cart to your Requester.
  • Make edits to your assigned cart, using Unassign Cart.

To learn about making changes to an assigned cart, see the Appendix and visit the FFRA website.


What is iBuyNU?

  • A web-based ordering tool that provides departments and schools with the most streamlined, cost effective way to order.
  • Contains items from preferred vendors (discount pricing, enhanced customer service, and negotiated contracts).
  • Offers two catalog formats for shopping: hosted and punchout.

To learn more about hosted and punchout supplier catalogs, see the Appendix.

How do you obtain Shopper access to iBuyNU?

Access to iBuyNU as a Shopper requires security authorization. If your NetID has not been authorized, you will be unable to log in. Security access forms and instructions are located on the FFRA website at

Additional Resources

Purchasing University Services 847-491-8120 email

Where to get help?

For assistance, contact NUIT Support Center at 847-491-HELP (4357) or email

Create and assign a cart

Access iBuyNU

Alternate access: If you cannot access NUPortal or appropriate tab, go to Then click iBuyNU and log in with User Name and Password as instructed above.

Search for items

  1. Type a simple keyword or part number/SKU in the Search box
  2. Click Go. (Search results appear.)

To learn about the various ways you can search iBuyNU and refine your search results, refer to Search iBuyNU on the Project Cafe website.

Add items to cart

  1. Click Add to Cart to add a hosted catalog item to your cart from your search results.
    • Optionally, you can change the quantity before adding an item to your cart. Or, you can wait to change the quantity after you access your shopping cart
    • When you click Add to Cart, iBuyNU automatically creates a new shopping cart. However, if you already have a shopping cart that you have not yet assigned to your Requester, iBuyNU will add the item to that cart. Existing carts that you have not yet assigned to your Requester are automatically stored as draft carts, located at Shop/Carts > My Carts and Orders > View Draft Shopping Carts.

Note about punchouts:

Go to your active shopping cart

Before you can assign your cart to your Requester, you must go to your cart.

  1. Click the Shopping Cart icon from the top banner.
  2. In My Cart, click View My Cart to go directly to your cart.
    •   Both View My Cart and Checkout buttons let you checkout your cart. However, Checkout takes you to Final Review, whereas View My Cart takes you directly into your shopping cart.
    •   My Cart lets you preview the contents of your cart, listed to the left of the buttons. You can use the small Delete icon (trash can) to remove items prior to going to your cart.
    •   Alternatively, you can click the item(s) added, view cart link to go to your cart. This link is located under the Add to Cart button.

Make final adjustments, as needed

In accordance with your departmental procedures, you may wish to rename your cart. The name of the cart will export to NUFinancials when you checkout in the next section. See the Project Cafe website for training materials about shopping cart naming conventions. Additionally, for hosted catalog items, you can make final adjustments to item quantities inside your cart.

  1. In Name this cart, type the new cart name. (This becomes the requisition name in NUFinancials upon checkout.)
  2. In Quantity, type the total quantity you wish to order, if different from the number shown.
  3. Click Update to save any change you make. There are two Update buttons you can use for this purpose.

Assign cart to Requester

  1. Click Assign Cart. (The Assign Cart pop-up box appears.)
  1. Click Search for an assignee. (The User Searchbox appears, shown below.)

The first time you assign a cart to a Requester, you need to search for the Requester and add him or her to your profile. After that, you can select the Requester using Select an assignee. See the Project Cafe website to learn more.

  1. Enter the Last Name and First Name of the Requester.
  2. Click Search. (Search results appear.)
  1. Click [select]. (The Requester name appears in Assign Cart box, shown on the next page.)

  1. Click the Add to Profile checkbox. (The Requester is added to your profile.)
    • The next time you assign a cart to this Requester, you can use Select an assignee to select the Requesters name from a drop-down menu. You no longer need to click Search for an assignee.
  2.   In Note to Assignee, enter any additional information you need to convey to your Requester, such as chart string or Ship To locations, as needed.
    •   Any notes you enter are included in an email that is automatically sent to your Requester when you assign the cart.
    •   If you include Ship To locations in notes, be aware there is a one-to-one ratio of Ship To location per vendor. If you have more than one Ship To location for the same iBuyNU vendor, create a separate cart for each location. See the Project Cafe website for training materials on this subject.
  3. Click Assign.
  1. A Congratulations message appears. View the summary information including the Cart number. You have successfully assigned the cart to your Requester.

An email notification is automatically sent to your Requester at this time. Your Requester will transfer your cart to NUFinancials, where it can be submitted as a requisition. A sample email notification is shown on the next page.

A iBuyNU notification appears after your Requester submits the cart for processing.

Sample email notification

An email is automatically sent to the Requester, notifying him or her of your assigned cart.

Making edits to an assigned cart

Unassign a cart

After you assign a cart, it is available to you as a draft cart. You can use the Unassign feature to make edits to the cart. Unassign is only available until your Requester picks up your cart to submit it as a requisition in NUFinancials. At that point, the cart is no longer stored as a draft cart or otherwise available in iBuyNU.

If you cannot find your cart in My Drafts Assigned to Others, this indicates that the Requester has already retrieved your cart. At this point you cannot make changes to your cart. If the only change needed after a cart has been assigned is to order additional quantities, create a new cart for the additional items.


What are some of the differences between hosted and punchout catalogs?

Hosted catalog

Punchout catalog

What about carts that you have not assigned yet to a Requester?

Is there any way you can access the contents of a cart after the Requester has picked it up and submitted it?