Searching for Spreadsheet Journals

How do you find a spreadsheet journal that you created, after Accounting Services gives it a Journal ID and uploads it to the NUFinanicals General Ledger? There are three steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Actuals Journal Search area

Step 2: Search for the journal



You know the Journal ID

Type the Journal ID in the Journal ID box, and click Search.

You do not know the Journal ID

Enter the following criteria, and click Search.

Search Field



Journal ID

begins with

Using capital letters, type your 3-character mask.
Refer to related resources below if you do not know your mask.

Fiscal Year

equal to

Type the current fiscal year.

Accounting Period

equal to

Type the period in which the journal was created.


equal to


Step 3: Review the journal

In the list of results, click the Journal ID(s) to open and inspect the journal(s).

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