Recognize Cash Offset Lines

Are you or your journal approvers curious about "Cash-Due To-From Offset" lines on an actuals journal? NUFinancials facilitates fund accounting with system-generated cash offset lines when different fund types occupy the journal lines.

Why Do Journal Lines Double?

When an actuals journal contains fund numbers from different fund groups, NUFinancials adds cash balancing (offset) lines to move cash from one fund to another in amounts that match the revenue and expense amounts. Offset lines double the total debits and total credits; however they do not affect revenue and expense accounts, nor do they affect the budget and chart string balances. The offsets use an Asset account code (Cash) 10101. Approvers should not reject the transaction due to the presence of offset lines, as they are a necessary accounting procedure.

What Do Cash Offset Lines Look Like?

Below is an example of a Transfer Journal with cash balancing lines. The fund numbers are 171 from the Unrestricted fund group and 320 from the Gift fund group. The offset lines (lines 3&4) do not affect the gift budget nor the unrestricted project budget (lines 1&2).