SC032 Workflow Metrics Report

The SC032 Workflow Metrics Report is used to review the total number of submitted and approved transactions along with the average approval time for Expense Reports, Requisitions, and Online Vouchers.

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Interpreting the results

The prompts filtering the report are cumulative; if the selected Submitter does not have any transactions for the Department selected, there will be no results.

A. Transaction Type

B. Number Submitted - by Transaction Type; the total number of transactions submitted and fully approved within the given date range when the report is run.

C. Mean Aging - the average number of days transactions took to be fully approved. 

D. Transactions - each of the columns to the right of Mean Aging are the approval levels that the transactions could go through, with the total number of transactions that went through these levels.

Days - the average number of days it took to approve a transaction at that level.

E. Detail Drill - in HTML, links to the SC033 Workflow Metrics Detail Report which gives high-level details about the transactions that make up the counts for each transaction type.