Reading the SC028 Voucher Activity by DeptID Report

Graphic of SC028 report example

A.  Voucher: the system assigned Voucher ID number

B.  Voucher Line: invoice line number

C.  Invoice Number: number taken from the invoice or created by the department

D.  Vendor ID, Vendor Name: Vendor selected for this voucher

E.  Fund, Project, Account: these are the related chart string values corresponding to the Department ID for which the report was run

F.  Total Voucher Amount: total invoice amount

G.  Voucher Purpose: as entered by department, left blank on vouchers entered by Accounts Payable

H.  Accounting Date: determines which Fiscal Year and Accounting Period the expense is posted in; updated if the accounting period closes and the voucher has not been approved/posted

I.  Workflow Status: Pending (not submitted), In Workflow, Approved (paid), Denied (sent back)

J.  Payment Number: check number

K.  Entered By, Email: voucher creator s name and email address

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