Reading the GM044 Sponsored Project Portfolio

A.  Cumulative Budget To Date is the cumulative budget from the start of the grant to the fiscal year and accounting period for which the report was run.

B.  Direct Cost Expenditures are the Total Direct Costs charged to sponsor funds. Direct Cost is the actual amount of the transaction whereas Indirect Cost is the additional amount charged to the sponsor, based on the Indirect Cost rate.

C.  Direct Cost Encumbrance are the total commitments against the budget that are not yet posted/paid. These include encumbered Requisitions/Purchase Orders, Travel Authorizations/Advances, Payroll; and Expense Reports, Online Vouchers, and Journals still in workflow.

D.  F&A Expenditures are the Indirect Cost Amounts charged to the Sponsor based on (B) Direct Cost Expenditures.

E.  F&A Encumbrance is the total Indirect Cost that will be charged to the sponsor once the amounts in column (C) Direct Cost Encumbrances are paid. Indirect Cost is calculated in this report, but not in NUFinancials.

F.  Total Remaining Directs (optional column) calculates the Total Remaining Direct Expenditures.

G.  Available Balance is the amount you have left to spend calculated by subtracting total Direct Cost, F&A Expenditures, and Encumbrances from the Cumulative Budget to Date.

H.  Total for PI gives a subtotal of each column for every PI named in the report.

Grand Total is a total of each column for the entire report.

I.  Project ID is a hyperlink which can be clicked to drill-through to GM045 Sponsored Project Budget Statement which breaks out the available balance by sponsor and cost share commitments. Each balance is then broken out by budget category (includes expenses and encumbrances).

Activity ID is always 01 unless the sponsor requires that spending is restricted by grant year (in which case money is not carried forward into the next fiscal year).When this occurs the Activity ID will show the year of the grant; 01, 02, 03, etc. Year 1 will only show information for that year. Year 2 will show year 2, etc.

Description gives the Project name.

J. Award ID is the award/contract number.

K.  Sponsor, Sponsor Reference Award # is the sponsor's name and reference number for the award.

FAIN# (Federal Award Identification Number) is an additional identifier provided by the federal government. This field displays 'not available' for non-federally sponsored and non-federal flow-through awards.

L.  Fund Code is the chartstring Fund number.

Category (optional column) displays the fund type; Sponsor, Mandatory Cost Share, or Over-the-Cap Commitment.

M.  Activity Start Date, Activity End Date refer to the beginning and end of the grant year.

Project End Date is the date the grant is expected to end.

N.  F&A% The Facilities & Administration (F&A) rate is used to calculate charges to the sponsor (facilities usage and administrative support).