Reading the GL074 Financial Summary with Management Level and Project Purpose Report

Use the GL074 Financial Summary to see chart strings filtered by Management Level, Project Purpose, and/or Manager/Reviewer.

This report resembles the GL070, with the addition of management levels and the ability to group summary-level financial data by Management Level.

Although this report was designed for administrators at the major unit level, anyone with access to Cognos BI and the approprite row-level security can run this report. Data will only be returned for chart strings to which you have access.


Step 1: Navigate to the report.

Begin in Cognos BI with Public Folders on display.
  1. Click Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration > School or Central > and any one of the following folders: Accounting Services, Budget, Facilities, Sponsored Programs Management, Supply Chain, Budget/COA, and Monthly Financial.
  2. Click the report title to see the prompt page.

Step 2: Respond to prompts and run the report.

  1. Respond to the prompts as needed to filter the report.
  2. Click Finish. Result: the report appears in HTML or your default format.

Report Prompts

The following prompts are available on the report, in addition to standard prompts for period, fiscal year, ChartFields, and project status.

Prompt Descriptions
Sort Order Prompt

This prompt selects sort order and summary level data. The first two selections offer different primary, secondary and tertiary sort orders. The second two selections offer primary and secondary sort orders at the management level.


This prompt filters results by NetID (yours or others). It is based on the Manager and Reviewers set up in NUFinancials and limited by row level security. For assistance with assigning a Manager and/or Reviewers to chart strings, refer to documentation in the Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration Training Curriculum.

Optional Columns

Include additional columns, as desired.

Optional Summary Rows

Selected data can be totaled or summed using one or more options. Optional rows are selected by default. De-select the rows you would like to not appear on the report. All rows are visible in the report sample below.

  • The "Purpose Summary" refers to Project Purpose.
  • The "Management Summary" refers to Management Level.

Management Level

This prompt filters results by Management Level. It is based on the Management Level attribute assigned to the chart string (either DeptID or ProjectID) in NUFinancials. For assistance with assigning a Management Level to a chart string, refer to documentation in the Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration Training Curriculum.

Project Purpose

Select one or more purposes as a filter. Project Purposes are normally assigned via the ChartField Request Form when the Project ID is established, but not all projects are assigned a purpose. To assign a purpose to an existing chart string, or to change the purpose, contact the ChartField Maintenance group in Financial Operations.

Report Results