Using My Activities and Schedules

Cognos BI enables you to manage the reports you have scheduled and gives you visibility into past, current, and upcoming activities. That is, you can see the results of every report you scheduled in the past, the status of each report currently in progress, and the extent of your scheduling into the future.


Navigate to My Activities and Schedules

Begin in Cognos BI with My Folders on display.

Graphic: My Folders in Cognos BI with the My Area Options icon and the selection My Activities and Schedules highlighted
  1. Click the My Area Options icon, the blue icon that looks like a little person.
  2. Click My Activities and Schedules. Result: the Current Activities page appears.

Graphic: the Current Activities page with step 3 "Click Schedules" highlighted

  1. Click Schedules. Result the Schedules page appears.

Use the features of My Schedules (for example, to disable a scheduled report)

The Schedules page shows all reports that you have scheduled and enables you to manage them. A convenience is the ability to "disable" a report, to prevent the report from being run and distributed to the recipients you named in the schedule, which is helpful when colleagues go on leave or otherwise prefer not to receive the report temporarily.

Graphic: the Schedules page
  1. Click the Actions icon, the blue triangle to the right of the report name. (All selections in the Actions menu are defined below.)
  2. Select Disable the schedule. Result: the bar chart shows the number of reports disabled versus enabled. Disabled reports will not be distributed in the future.

Graphic: results on the Schedules page after disabling a report

What are the capabilities of My Schedules?
Action Icon Result
Set Properties Graphic: Set Properties icon Return to the Set Properties dialog to change the time period or chart string.
Run the schedule once.. Graphic: Run the schedule once icon Run the report now and deliver to the recipients and in formats specified in the schedule you created.
Modify the schedule... Graphic: Modify the schedule icon Return to Schedule dialog to change the frequency, run time, formats, or recipients.
Remove the schedule Graphic: Remove the schedule icon Delete the schedule and remove it from the list on this page.
View run history Graphic: View run history icon View all occurences and see the status of each one (whether successful, failed, canceled, etc.)
Disable/Enable the schedule Graphic: Disable the schedule icon / Enable the schedule icon These two icons are a toggle. Schedules are enabled by default. Disable prevents distribution of the report. Re-enable at any time. These two icons are also located at the top right corner of the page. To disable/enable multiple scheduled reports, use the checkboxes and the icons at top right.

View Current Activities

Current Activities shows reports that are currently running now. In the Filter dialog, click Apply to see reports in Pending, Excuting, Wating, and/or Suspended status. Optionally, change the Status or Priority filters and then click Apply. Among the results, you may cancel the report or view run details.

Graphic: the Current Activities page

View Past Activities

Past Activities shows reports that have already run. By default, the page displays results in the last four hours only. In the Filter dialog, select a period of time, a status, and click Apply to see history. Statuses are Succeeded, Failed, Cancelled, and Any. Results display status in aggregate and per report. Among the results, you may run any report again or change an aspect of the schedule.

Graphic: the Past Activities page

View Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities shows scheduled reports prepared to run today or in the future. The default is today. Use the arrow icons to advance one day at a time, or use the Filter dialog to specify a date and click Apply. Among the results, you may run any report now or change an aspect of the schedule.

Graphic: the Upcoming Activities page