Configuring Browsers to Allow Downloads from NU Enterprise Applications

Did you know you can improve your browser's interaction with NU enterprise applications? For example, you can allow NUPlans and Cognos BI to bypass pop-up blockers when you download reports or export to Excel. An example with the "before and after" is below.

If you experience problems with an enterprise application or your browser, you may contact the Help Desk. You must be able to find and change your browser's Internet Options to complete the steps below. If you cannot perform the steps, contact your IT administrator for assistance.


Internet Explorer 7 and Later Versions    

Internet Explorer

Identify the Application as a Trusted Intranet Site

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate from the Tools menu to Internet Options (shown below).

  1. Click the Security tab.
  2. Click Trusted sites.
  3. Click Sites. Result: the "Trusted sites" dialog opens.

  1. Type or paste the web address in the space provided.
    • Note: Use the application URL found in the browser's address bar. For example, the Cognos BI URL is "" You may use the root URL, ignoring what appears after "edu" or "com."
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Close.

Allow Downloads

Begin on the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog with Trusted sites selected.

  1. Click Custom level....Result: the "Security Settings" dialog appears.

  1. Scroll to the Downloads section of the list.
  2. Ensure that all download options are Enabled.
  3. Click OK. Result: You return to the Internet Options window (not shown).
  4. Click Apply. (If you made changes in step 3, the Apply button is illuminated.)
  5. Click OK.

Allow Pop-up Windows from the Application

Begin in Internet Options with the Privacy tab on display.

  1. Click the checkbox Turn on Pop-up Blocker.
  2. Click Settings. Result: the Popup Blocker Settings dialog appears.

  1. Type the website address. For example:
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Close.

Example: Before and After Configuring Internet Options

Before you allow downloads, IE prevents downloaded files from opening. It blocks pop-ups, as show in the screenshot below. However, it gives you the option to "allow once" or to configure the same options explained above.

After allowing downloads, you see the option to Open or Save the downloaded file on the first attempt.