Scheduling Cognos BI Reports for Delivery

You can use My Folders for faster navigation to your most frequently run reports, save the prompts you most commonly use, and schedule reports to be delivered automatically via email.

Step 1: Select a report and Copy to My Folders

Graphic of Public Folders

  1. Click the checkbox next to the desired report.
  2. Click the Copy icon (papers).
  3. Click the My Folders tab.

Step 2: Paste copied report in My Folders and Set Properties

Graphic of My Folders

  1. Click the Paste icon (clipboard).
  2. Under the Actions column, click the first icon, Set Properties.

Step 3: Set Properties General tab

Graphic of Set Properties General tab

  1. Optionally, you may wish to rename the report, using the Name: field
    • You are not able to save more than one copy of a report with the same exact name.
    • Renaming the report will allow you to have versions by month, PI, department, etc.
    • To save another copy of the same report, rename the report here or use folders to organize your copies. Folders are explained in the appendix at the end of this job aid.
    • Renaming the report will allow you to have versions by month, PI, department, etc.
  2. Click the Report View tab.

Step 4: Set Properties - Report View tab

Graphic of Set Properties Report View tab

  1. Under Report Options, click the checkbox 'Override the default values'.
  2. Select a Format from drop down menu.
  3. Under Prompt Values, click Set.

Step 5: Enter Prompt Values

1.  Select the desired prompt values desired for this report.

 Graphic of Date Options

On some reports you may select a Date Option from the following choices:

Date Options are available on the following Cognos reports:

2.  Click Finish (at the bottom of prompt page) when all prompts are entered.

Step 6: Set Properties - Report View tab

Graphic of Set Properties Report View tab

Step 7: Schedule the report for automatic email delivery

Graphic of My Folders

Under the Actions column, click the third icon, Schedule.

Step 8: Setup the Schedule, Options and Delivery

Graphic of Schedule screen

  1. Set the delivery Frequency.
  2. Optionally, a Start date may be used select the time of day the report will be delivered. Times must be between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
    • Do not select an End date unless one is known, such as the closing date for a grant.
  3. Click the checkbox Overide the default values.
  4. Uncheck Save the Report.
  5. Click the checkbox Send a link to the report by email. Then click Edit the Options.

Step 9: Enter the Email Recipients

Graphic of Email window

  1. The To field is pre-populated with NetID and is linked to your Northwestern email address. You will be listed as the sender on the email.
    • You may add additional recipients by typing their email addresses into the To and Cc fields, separated by semi-colons.
    • Recipients do not need Cognos access to receive and view the report.
    • The Subject line is pre-populated with the report name and can be edited.
    • Optionally, a message may be entered in the Body.
  2. Uncheck Include a Link to the report and check Attach the report .
  3. Click OK to save and return to the Schedule page.

Graphic of Delivery screen

Click OK on the Schedule page to save the schedule and return to My Folders.

Appendix: Setup Folders (Optional)

Setting up folders is a way to save different versions of the same report which have the same exact name.

Graphic of My Folders

In the report toolbar, click the New Folder

Graphic of New Folder screen

  1. Enter a folder Name. The folder name could refer to a PI, chartstring, etc.
  2. 3.  Click Finish to save the folder.
Graphic of My Folders

Copy and Paste reports into the folder, as needed.

Use the red X symbol in the report toolbar to delete any selected reports or folders as needed.