Search and View a Service Request

For Emergency Situations:

Non-Business Hours:
Call at 456 from any campus phone
Non-Campus phones:
(847) 491-3456 (Evanston)
(312) 503-3456 (Chicago)

During Business Hours:
Evanston Campus: 847-491-5201
Chicago Campus: 312-503-8000

Upon completion you will be able to:

Who has access?

Designated staff associates with responsibilities for requesting services from Facilities Management. Staff members must have security access as a Requestor to FAMIS Self Service.

Getting Started: Signing on to FAMIS

Go to Facilities in the left menu and click the FAMIS Self Service tab:

>Graphic: NUPortal with Facilities menu selected and FAMIS Self Service tab selected.

Getting Started: Select a Site

It is not necessary to select a campus site at this point. Click Service Requests.

Step 1: Display Service Requests

View all service requests that you have created and see the current status by selecting a time frame from the Search drop-down box. Select a filter in the drop-down menu and click Go.

Graphic: In the Search drop-down menu, select a filter and click Go.

Step 2: Display Service Requests

View all service requests that you have created and see the current status. The status column indicates where the service request in the process of being converted to a work order and completed. Click a service request number to view a specific service request.

SR Status Process Order:

  • Requested
  • Scheduled or Converted to Project
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Closed

Graphic: Review status in search results

Status Key

  • Requested: requested by customer
  • In Prog: work in progress
  • Approved: approved for completion (Housing only)
  • Parts Hold: work on hold due to parts order
  • Scheduled: assigned to shop for execution
  • DT Hold: work on hold for appropriate scheduling
  • Converted to Proj: work order has been converted to a project
  • Complete: work completed

Estimates have status of requested, in progress, completed, approved (by FM Supervisor), and accepted or rejected (by requesting customer).


Step 3: Display Service Requests- Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search function, to search for a specific service request or grouping of requests. This search allows you to enter a specific service request number or choose filters to create a list of service requests.

Graphic: Click Advanced Search

Step 4: Display Service Requests- Advanced Search

For an individual service request number, enter the number in the Request Number field and you will see the specifics for that one request. You can also enter in other criteria for filtering.

Graphic: Enter a service request number or other filters and click Go.

Step 5: Display Service Requests- Advanced Search

For a search of multiple service requests, filter for specifics of requestor, funding type, status, request type, location or date. For example, if you wanted to find all service requests you made for the Rubloff Building, you would put your name in the Requestor Name field, and select the appropriate site and building, in the Location Information fields.

Note: Enter Location in the following order: Site, Building, Floor, Room. However, you are not required to fill in all location fields; in fact, you may want to search for a building, not a specific floor or room.

Graphic: Advanced search page.

Step 6: Display Service Requests- Advanced Search

Here is an example of an Advanced Search. You can see that it is specific to the Requestor and the building location.

Graphic: Search resultsGraphic: Search results with SR number circled

Finishing Up

You can return to the beginning of the service request process to submit a request.

Graphic: Search results with Create Service Request button to create new service request.