Search for Service Requests in FAMIS Web

You can use FAMIS Web as an alternative to quickly find service requests and all the associated information. FAMIS Web offers more fields and a field look-up tool to expedite your searches.

Select Service Request Search

Graphic: FAMis Web link for Service Request Search

Service Request Search

Select filters and search.

  1. Enter or select search criteria.
  2. Click Submit.

Hot Tip! Hover your mouse over the for more information on that field

Graphic: FAMIS Web search criteria options.  Use the magnifying glass to look up values. Click Submit. Search results display at the bottom of the page.

More Tips!

SR/PR Number

Search by the Service Request or Project Number

WO Number

Search by the Work Order Number


Search by keywords found in the WO Description


Select CH or EV campus to limit your Building search only to that campus


Search by Building Name, Number, or Address


Search by Floor Name or Number


Search by Room Name or Number


Search by the Requestor s Name, NetID, phone number, or email

Create From/Create To

Click on the fields to choose the time period when the request was created (Must have both To and From!)


Select a status from the drop-down


Select the Crew the request was assigned to

Assigned To

Search by Name or EmpID

Billing Type

Select a Billing Type from the drop-down

Maint Type

Search by Maint Type and Description

Outage Class

Search by Outage Class and Description