FAMIS Admin Navigation Basics

Sign on to FAMIS for the First Time!

How to Add QuickPick Buttons for Easy Access

You may notice QuickPick buttons to the left. Use these buttons to quickly access areas you use often!

Graphic: FAMIS main menu window with Quick Pick Buttons at left

Navigation Tips and Quirks

Graphic: FAMIS message bar at bottom




Graphic: Save

To Save the data entered in form

Graphic: Print

To Print Screen

Graphic: Cut, Copy, Paste

Cut, Copy, Paste (not useful in FAMIS)

Graphic: Yellow maginifying glass to initiate a search

To Enter a Query, to begin a search

Graphic: Green magnifying glass to begin the search

To Execute a Query, to run the search

Graphic: Sigma symbol for Count

To Count number of hits or entries from search

Graphic: Red magnifying glass to stop search

To Cancel Query, to stop the search

Graphic: Paper and plus sign, to add a record

To Insert new record

Graphic: Paper, to copy

To Duplicate a record

Graphic: Paper with red X, to delete a record

To Delete a record

Graphic: paper with pencil eraser, to clear information

To Clear all information in record

Graphic: Scroll arrows

To Navigate through a series of records

Graphic: Pushpin and paper to attach a document to a record

To Attach a file to the record

How to Perform a Query or Search

FAMIS has several different methods for searching for records or data. Not all methods work in all forms and fields. Make sure your cursor is in the field you want to search in! (Otherwise, you can unintentionally clear a field or record.)

Other Query Functions:

Reports and Printing in FAMIS

Graphic: FAMIS Report listing

Reports and Printing in FAMIS

You can enter parameters to limit results in a report. You must enter the parameter exactly. The wildcard % does not work in report parameters.

Graphic: FAMIS Report selection criteria page Graphic: Sample FAMIS Report

Reports and Printing in Cognos

Cognos has other reports which may be more useful than the ones found in FAMIS. See the Report Inventory for a list of reports samples of the reports.

Graphic: Cognos report list

How to Attach a Document to a Record

To attach a document to a record, click the Attachment icon Graphic: Pushpin and paper to attach a document to a record. Make sure you add a description when adding a document to display in attachment list.

Graphic: FAMIS Attach Document Window

Graphic: FAMIS Attach Document Browse window

Note: Select a document and click View to review an attached file.


I'm Stuck, Now What?


Forms-the screens, pages, or windows in FAMIS.

Service Requests-a request from a customer for a service or estimate. It can be created in self service and forms. A service request initiates the process and is turned into a work order.

Work order-Once a service request has been assigned to a crew/shop and the billing verified, it becomes a work order by changing the status to SCHEDULED. A work order is ready to be assigned to an employee for completion.

Procedure Library-a collection of common procedures containing information such as description, task list and prompt questions, maintenance types, used to assist in categorizing service requests for reporting purposes.

Standing work order-Used in FAMIS for recurring work. Used in FAMIS for labor entries for vacation, jury duty, funeral leave, sick time, personal days. These should not be used for preventive maintenance.

Parent/Child work orders-the linking work orders in a hierarchal manner.

Crew-FM shop

Seller-FM shop (or account that will get revenue for the work)

Buyer-Customer, school unit or department, or building charge whichever account being charged for the work

Requestor-person requesting the service, main contact person for further information

Chart string-account number

Workbench-a listing of records which can be searched, duplicated, and customized by filters.

Maintenance project-a service request that will involve more than one crew.

Preventive Maintenance-a process of scheduling set maintenance tasks on a regular basis for specific equipment.

Warehouse-a warehouse is location for storing parts for work orders. It has been called previously storeroom, stockroom or closet.

Maintenance Issue-a tracking number for transfers and receipts of parts.

Direct part-a part ordered for a specific work order

Stock part-a part held in a warehouse