Create a Service Request

For Emergency Situations:

Non-Business Hours:
Call at 456 from any campus phone
Non-Campus phones:
(847) 491-3456 (Evanston)
(312) 503-3456 (Chicago)

During Business Hours:
Evanston Campus: 847-491-5201
Chicago Campus: 312-503-8000

Upon completion you will be able to:

Who has access?

Designated staff associates with responsibilities for requesting services from Facilities Management. Staff members must have security access as a Requester to FAMIS Self Service.

When is this used/not used?

This is to be used for any non-Emergency requests for Facilities repairs or service. It should be used in lieu of other methods (e.g. phone calls or emails).

Getting Started: Signing on to FAMIS

Go to Facilities in the left menu and click the FAMIS Self Service tab.

Graphic: NUPortal with Facilities menu selected and FAMIS Self Service tab selected

Getting Started: Select a Site

It is not necessary to select a campus site at this point. You can select the Campus site, Building, Floor and Room here and return to the beginning of the service request or you can add them later in Step 4. It does not make a difference.

Graphic: Select the Service Request Button

Getting Started: Display Service Requests

This page allows you to view created service requests. You can return to this page after you have created the service request.

Graphic: Click Create Service Request to begin the request.

Step 1: Create Service Request: Confirm Requestor

Confirm your contact information and add in an Alternate Requestor, if appropriate. Your information should automatically fill in to the fields once you have been set-up as the Requestor for your department or area. An Alternate Requestor might be, for example, your back-up contact for the services or the actual person requesting the work who may need to be contacted about work being done.

Graphic: On the Requestor page, confirm your contact information, enter an alternate requester, if applicable and click Next.

Step 2: Create Service Request: Select Service

Now you will begin to create your service request.

Graphic: On teh Select Service page, select the applicable service request type.

For Emergency Situations:

Call at 456 from any campus phone

Non-Campus phones:
(847) 491-3456 (Evanston)
(312) 503-3456 (Chicago)

During Business Hours:

Evanston Campus: (847) 491-5201
Chicago Campus: (312) 503-8000

Step 2: Create Service Request: Select Service

Select the major category and sub category of service you are requesting by clicking on the link. If you need to go back to change information or make a different selection, click the Back button or use the browser arrows to navigate to a prior screen.

Graphic: Select the major categoryGraphic: Select the subcategory

Step 3: Create Service Request: Enter Service Details

Enter chart string to be charged for service request. If the work is related to the building, the chart string will automatically be filled in and you do not need to do anything further. If the work is specific to a school or department, enter the chart string to be charged.

Graphic: Enter the chart string and percentage allocation as applicable.

Step 3: Create Service Request: Enter Service Details

Enter the specifics about the work requested and any special instructions. There are prompting questions which offer a guide for important information to include. If you have a specific start and completion dates, you may indicate them on this page. You can also note dates and time when work cannot be done. You should include as much detail as possible. Click Next to continue.

Note: Answer the prompting questions as applicable. Indicate if this is for more than one room or floor, or the exterior of a room or building. Indicate other contacts, if applicable. The more details the better!

Graphic: In the Description of work field, enter a description.  Then enter start and end dates and click Next.

Step 4: Create Service Request: Enter Location

Enter the location by specifying the Campus site, Building, Floor and Room Number for the service request. Each navigation button will take you to a screen listing the options. Make selections to accurately choose the location of the service request work. Click Next to continue.

Note: If service request is for an entire floor, more than one room, or the room location isn't listed, return to Description box in Step 4 and indicate more specific location information.

You must enter the location in the following order:

  1. Campus Site
  2. Building
  3. Floor
  4. Room

Graphic: Enter the Site or campus, building, floor and room, by selecting the buttons, then click Next.

Graphic: Example of Site selction for location

Step 5: Create Service Request: Review

Review all the information before submitting to Facilities Management. If you have corrections, navigate backwards using the Back buttons or the browser arrows to make corrections. Click Finish to continue.

Graphic:  Finish Page for final review.

Finishing Up: Work Request number

Your Service Request (SR) has now been created and assigned a unique SR number. Note the SR number and date for your records. (Press Print Screen for a copy.) Your request will be sent to Facilities Management for processing into a work order. Service Requests will be converted to a work order in one business day. Click Go Back to Service Requests to create another request or to search for existing.

To search and view your request, see How to Search and View a Service Request.

If you need to request an estimate or a service related to a special event, follow the same process except in Step 2 choose Request and Estimate or Special Events.

Graphic: Final page with Service Request number.