About FAMIS Web

Who can access FAMIS Web?

Anyone who can log in to the FAMIS Admin application is able to log into FAMIS Web.

What is FAMIS Web?

FAMIS Web is a more intuitive web-based application that allows more flexibility for viewing and updating records in FAMIS.  More functionality will be added to facilitate tasks such as updating work orders. In FAMIS Web, you can:

Where can I Login?

Login via the NUPortal at or go directly to

Need more help, see: Access FAMIS Web

Why should I use FAMIS Web?

FAMIS Web is more intuitive to use than the FAMIS application. FM Customer Service uses FAMIS Web for quicker, more accurate entry of service requests. Anyone can use FAMIS Web for more efficient searching for work order details by different search information or criteria.

How do I Search for a Request?

See this job aid: Search for Service Requests in FAMIS Web