FMS718 NUPlans Tuition Forecasting

You may begin this course at any time (ignore course start dates).

This is an ONLINE course. Registration is optional.

Course demos and materials can be found on the Curriculum page on the FFRA website within the Budgeting tab:
FFRA Training Curriculum

The instructor will send you an e-mail with their contact information for questions on the 1st business day of the month and will mark the course complete on the last day of the month.

Audience: NU staff who prepare forecasts of tuition revenue

Are you involved in forecasting within your school or unit? If you have the Prep File or Tuition security access role, this online course offers assistance tailored to the tuition revenue sharing agreements that apply to your school or unit. Learn to create programs, profile programs, and forecast with rates and head-counts. Enroll and take only what you need.

Prerequisites: FMS716 NUPlans Forecasting Basics or FMS717 NUPlans Operational Forecasts

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