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General Information

Training course listings and registration links to FASIS

Classroom Locations
Maps and addresses for class locations on the Chicago and Evanston campuses

System Training

Getting Started
Determine your security access and training needs; find instant overviews, course descriptions, and registration links

Training Sequence
Recommendations for building your system knowledge through introductory to advanced-level courses

Training materials, job aids, course registration, instant online overviews, and full online courses

How to Enroll
Register for, change, or drop a class

Open Labs
Put your new skills into action with the support of FFRA staff

Interactive presentations highlighting single topics

Central Office Materials
Archive of training materials for FRRA system functions performed by NU central offices

FFRA Training Vision Statement

The FFRA Training team's goal is to provide Northwestern University's diverse faculty and staff with role-based training tailored to actual business processes to support new software systems as they are implemented across the institution.

FFRA's training is designed to:

  • Deliver role-based learning which focuses on what is needed to successfully perform job-related tasks
  • Address NU-specific business practices and policies
  • Blend learning solutions and learning styles (e.g., instructor-led hands-on training, open labs, large group information sessions, and online learning)
  • Maximize current classroom technology to create the best possible learning experience
  • Demonstrate not only the "hows" but also the "whys" in the context of the systems as a whole
  • Occur close to go-live to maximize learning gains

If you have attended a training course, please complete our Training Evaluation.