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ISSUE: Users are currently unable to add TBD (Temporary) Personnel to proposal records.
AFFECTED PROCESS: InfoEd PD system-to-system proposals
1. Add a non-personnel budget category and list your TBD personnel (grad student, postdoc, etc) costs as a line item there.
2. If your proposal is due to the sponsor today, contact the IT Support Center with the proposal details: or 847-491-4357 (1-HELP), option 2.


• This issue only affects system-to-system (S2S) proposals with detailed budgets.
• For non-S2S proposals, you do not need to include TBD or non-key personnel on your proposal record.
REMINDER: The temporary/TBD option should only ever be used for non-named or non-Northwestern personnel. If you need to add a named Northwestern person and they are not in the drop-down, contact OSR to request that the person be added: OSR Help Central



Proposal Routing Form Issues - Do Not Delete Personnel

In the past, it has been expected that non-key people and subcontractor personnel should be deleted from the routing form. Unfortunately, it’s causing some problems with the proposal data. Deleting somebody from the routing form deletes them from one of the underlying data tables. The personnel still appear on the proposal so the issue may not immediately be noticeable.


Examples of Errors

  • If NU people are deleted from the routing form, they don’t get picked up when the route is set up and their approvers may not be included.
  • If the PI is deleted, the proposal will become unavailable in the search results, and InfoEd will need to get involved to fix those.
  • For anybody who gets deleted, it becomes impossible to make certain edits, such as editing Commons IDs, editing subcontractor contact info, and changing the roles of people after they are already added to the record – these impact subcontractor personnel and TBD people as well as regular NU investigators.
  • You may get a "500 internal server error" when trying to access the form.


We are looking at some long term updates on the routing form, but in the short term we are advising everybody to leave all personnel records on the routing form. This will be an adjustment, but it is important to make sure there is time to complete and review proposals prior to submission.

OSR recommends the following for data entry on the Proposal Routing Form:

  • Subcontractor Personnel – enter role of "SubK" and all zero effort
  • Non-key Personnel – enter a role of "Non-key" and all zero effort


Please contact or 847-491-4357 (1-HELP), option 2 with any questions.



ISSUE: Changing the sponsor on an S2S proposal after you create the proposal may disassociate the record from the correct S2S template (e.g. 424 Electronic).
EXPECTED RESOLUTION TIMEFRAME: Currently in development with vendor.

  • Most S2S proposals will default in the correct sponsor during creation, based on the opportunity number.
  • If your proposal does not default, please check the sponsor carefully. Contact your OSR GO if you have any questions.
  • You can check your record’s template at Setup Questions > “Please select a Submission Mechanism/Screen Template”


  • There is no reliable workaround for this issue and you will likely need to start with a fresh record.
  • If you believe this issue has occurred with your proposal, please contact OSR or the IT Support Center: or 847-491-4357 (1-HELP).



InfoEd proposal search performance

  • Some users may have experienced longer than normal proposal search times after the recent InfoEd upgrade.
  • InfoEd applied a fix on Nov. 4 to decrease the amount of time it takes to return a result.
  • This issue primarily affected users who have delegate access for a large number of PI’s.



ISSUE: ISSUE: Subaward biosketches will appear in the assembled document. Other Significant Contributor biosketches continue to not appear.
COMMENTS: We have tested and determined that this is just a visual issue and that the biosketch documents are correctly included in the XML package and will be sent to The available fix has been submitted for testing.
WORKAROUND: Proposal will submit successfully with all attachments. Checking the XML validation on the Finalize tab will also confirm if there are any issues.


ISSUE: Entering Subaward F&A as a lumpsum overrides F&A breakdown section
EXPECTED RESOLUTION TIMEFRAME: Currently in development with vendor.
COMMENTS: Users who enter F&A costs directly will not be able to change the F&A base once they have saved the page. If a budget category is added that does not take F&A (Outpatient care costs, Equipment, etc.) this will cause an issue with the F&A reported up to the prime budget.
WORKAROUND: Only use the F&A breakdown section by expanding the page with the arrow located to the left of the subaward F&A line.

Only use the F&A breakdown section by expanding the page with the arrow located to the left of the subaward F&A line.



ISSUE: Subaward budget categories may use wrong name in assembled doc (For examples: Services and Tuition)
EXPECTED RESOLUTION TIMEFRAME: TBD - Currently in development with vendor (InfoEd)
COMMENTS: Users have reported that some subaward budget categories on the assembled document and XML do not match the budget category selected on the front end.
WORKAROUND: The issue can be corrected at submission in the XML. This will require additional lead time to ensure the issue can be resolved prior to an S2S deadline.


ISSUE: When creating personnel, the system defaults to Genius Profile. Instead, TBD or non-NU personnel on a proposal must be created with a Temporary Profile.
Please use workaround
Please change the profile manually to a Temporary Profile. Training: Additional Personnel - TBD and non-NU Personnel
We are working with the vendor to change the default behavior.



For upgrade details, please see the InfoEd Upgrade 2015 Announcement.


The following are known issues in the upgraded version that were not present in the previous version.

  • All of the issues have workarounds so that you can continue to work with minimal disruption.
  • InfoEd has been notified of these issues and is working to resolve them.





Difficulty selecting department for TBD personnel

When adding a "TBD" person (e.g. an unnamed grad student) to a proposal, you need to set a department. Currently, the "tree" view for selecting the department is not functioning.

Use the text entry search box to type the name of the department you wish to use.

Budget model buttons may not work as intended in  newer versions of Internet Explorer

The latest releases of Internet Explorer are not capable of handling some of the new code in the budget model. InfoEd is working on correcting these only until Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Use Firefox or Chrome when editing your budgets.

Personnel information missing from Proposal Routing Form

Proposal Routing Forms started and/or completed before the upgrade are missing data from the Personnel Effort and Personnel Additional Information sections.

Uncomplete the routing form, fill in the missing information, and check Complete again.

Proposal created with sponsor not fully associated to the proposal.

On the setup questions tab the top line will say "Proposal sponsor is set to ." The sponsor will not appear. Error messages will appear when trying to access some of the tabs

A new proposal will need to be created. A solution to fix from the front end is not available. The issue has been reported to InfoEd.

Adding personnel twice to a proposal duplicates data in report data views.

The new version allows users to enter multiple roles for each user. This should be avoided to prevent this data issue.

Data will need to be corrected by removing the multiple roles until the issue can be handled in the database.

Adding genius profiles instead of Temporary Profiles

Users need to ensure they select Temporary Profile when adding people who are not available in the search box.

Temporary must be selected when adding TBD people. Reported issue to vendor and working on permanent work around.

500 Internal Server Error on the Proposal Routing Form (eForm)

The Proposal Routing Form is attached to the proposal, but then becomes inaccessible and an error is displayed on the page. This happens when the same user is listed multiple times to a proposal.

Remove all but one role for each person, using the Personnel tab. If you are still getting the error, contact the Support Center.

Using Enter key in progressive search does not choose selected option

When selecting the sponsor on a proposal, hitting the enter key will not select the sponsor and will reset the progressive text search.

Use the mouse and arrow to select the sponsor.

Personnel information is not populating on the Proposal Routing Form

Routing Forms that converted from Version 13 are missing names in the "Personnel Effort" and "Personnel Additional Information" sections.

Users may be able to resolve this by un-checking Complete and entering information again. If this doesn't cause the names to appear, you will need to delete the routing form and create a new one.

Proposal does not return in search

InfoEd has discovered that PI's are being disassociated from the record. This is most likely due to removing the PI from the routing form.

Report the issue to the helpdesk and FFRA will work with the vendor to correct the record. FFRA can also get you access to the record so editing can continue.

Trailing spaces no longer ignored in My Proposals for nonwildcard search

The search page under My Proposals now requires exact entries in all fields or the use of a wildcard. You can no longer leave extra spaces after the Institution Number when searching.

InfoEd has confirmed that this is now the intended behavior, not a bug. Use the wildcard (*) in Title and other searches when needed.

Modular Budgets created prior to the upgrade have display issues in PD

For proposals created prior to the upgrade to version 14 in September 2015, modular budgets may display the incorrect number of modules in Proposal Development.

View the Requested Budget in Proposal Tracking or on the GM071. The data is stored correctly in the database and is reflected correctly in PT and Cognos.



ISSUE: PHS398 Career Development Award Supplement Form on K Awards is blank on assembled document
COMMENTS: The form will look blank in the assembled document; however, the attachments and data elements are included in the XML and will be submitted to


InfoEd PD Known Issues

This list will be updated as new information becomes available.

  1. RESOLVED AS OF 1/10/13: SF424 template is not working. This is not the formset used by R01s and many other opportunities. The 424 is rarely used by sponsors. Users are advised to submit via Adobe forms until otherwise notified. (InfoEd is providing a solution for testing week of 12/10/12.)

  2. RESOLVED AS OF 1/10/13: SF424 Short template is not working. This form is rarely used by most sponsors, but it heavily used by NEH. Users are advised to submit via Adobe forms until otherwise notified. (InfoEd is providing a solution for testingweek of 12/10/12.)

  3. If you attempt to upload a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, and the document or spreadsheet is open, AND you are using Internet Explorer, you will receive an error. Internet Explorer users are advised to close the document or spreadsheet prior to uploading them to PD. Using Firefox and Chrome will allow you to upload an open document or spreadsheet without issue. (InfoEd has acknowledged as a bug and is working toward a solution.)

  4. InfoEd lacks the ability to include all four of the following budget forms in one proposal:
    PHS398_TrainingBudget-V1.0, and the

    This applies to the following opportunity numbers IF they have subcontracts:
    • PAR-12-003, "Limited Competition: Framework Programs for Global Health Innovation (D43)."
    • TU2 "Institutional National Research Service Award with Involvement of NIH Intramural Faculty"
    Users are advised to submit via Adobe forms until otherwise notified. (InfoEd has acknowledged as a bug but will not provide a solution until the new budget model is released with Version 14.)

  5. RESOLVED AS OF 4/30/13: S2S forms Save issue. When creating a proposal that uses the S2S forms tab, you will find that the forms will save when you initially enter data. On subsequent attempts to save, you will receive a warning telling you the required elements which have not been filled in (if any). You will not be able to save unless all of the required elements are in the form. (InfoEd has acknowledged as a bug and is working toward a solution.)

  6. RESOLVED AS OF 3/26/13: Proposal view access from the Dashboard on cross-department proposals. From the Dashboard, you can no longer access the proposal link.

  7. Some Mac users have experienced problems downloading pdf files from PD. These files will default to html format, and open with a browser or html editor. There is a tip on the Cafe InfoEd PD Tips and Tricks page that details how to work with this issue.

  8. When selecting people from a list, the system defaults to the A selection. However, you can't actually select anyone from this letter list. To fix this, you need to select a different letter, then select A. InfoEd has yet to acknowledge this as a bug.

  9. RESOLVED AS OF 2/7/13: Proposal Routing Form print option not functioning. When you attempt to print a Proposal Routing Form, a pdf is created that shows the Single Sign-On login page. (InfoEd has acknowledged as a bug and is working toward a solution.)

  10. Proposal Routing Form completion problems. Some users have reported an inability to save data entry on the Proposal Routing Form. This same issue sometimes exhibits itself as a seemingly completed Routing Form entered by the user, but the reviewer sees the Form as incomplete. In all instances, deleting the form and re-entering it has solved the problem. If your Routing Form does not have a "Check-in/out" icon, it will exhibit these symptoms. This is under investigation by Northwestern to determine cause.

  11. Federal Proposals requiring files in their native format cannot be submitted S2S and need to be done in Adobe forms as InfoEd converts all files to PDFs.


ISSUE: Minor issues related to InfoEd version 13 upgrade

  1. Before logging in, you may wish to clear your browser cache:
  2. Firefox users in particular will have display issues with eForms and checkboxes if they don't clear their caches.
  3. The 424 and 424 Short templates should not be used in the short term.
    These proposals should be done on Adobe forms for now.
    NU submitted 10 proposals using these templates over the past year so this will not affect many proposals and we expect this to be corrected very soon.
  4. The 'link to' function used on progress reports is no longer available due to a change by InfoEd.
    This step has been removed from the instructions and the prime proposal should be indicated on the internal documents tab. The project team is working on a new way to link proposals.
  5. The 'Save and Close' button on the subcontract F&A page does not work. Please click the 'Save' button and then the 'Close' button.

save and close buttons




ISSUE: Please re-run Cognos BI InfoEd and FAMIS reports run or scheduled before 9:30am today (5/6)
AFFECTED REPORTS: Cognos BI InfoEd Reports (InfoEd Report Inventory) and FAMIS Reports (Facilities Management Report Catalog)
EXPECTED RESOLUTION: Resolved 9:30a 5/6/2016
COMMENTS: The InfoEd and FAMIS ETL process was delayed by a server issue. The process completed at 10:30a this morning. Reports scheduled before that time should be re-run to ensure accurate information.



ISSUE: Changes to the role type (key/non-key) for subaward personnel are not being saved correctly, which will cause submission errors.
· Changes to the personnel type will appear to save, but the changes are missing from some tabs and database tables
· Changes to NU personnel are saving correctly
WORKAROUND: Delete affected personnel and re-add as the correct type.



RESOLVED: Subcontract/Subaward F&A Issue

Due to a change in a supporting table in InfoEd, we have found that subcontract/subaward F&A is being double counted during the process that exports the data from InfoEd to Cognos.

Issue Details:

  • Only records created or modified since September 2015 that have subcontracts/subawards are affected
  • InfoEd Adhoc – ‘Request Direct Amount’ and ‘Awarded Direct Amount’ fields for the affected records will double count subcontract F&A for the records meeting the criteria above
  • InfoEd Award reports are not affected by this issue

InfoEd Proposal Reports which will include double subaward F&A for some records:

GM050 - Illinois Proposals
GM051 - Proposals with Required Cost Sharing
GM052 - Faculty Proposal Activity
GM059 - Proposed and Funded Cost Share
GM065 - Proposals Summary by Sponsor Type
GM066 - Proposals Summary by Management Area
GM071 - Monthly Proposal Detail
GM073 - Proposal Success Rate
GM085 - Pending Proposals - All Roles
GM088 - ARRA Monthly Proposal Detail

Approximately 100 award records and 200 proposal records were affected by this issue.


ISSUE: Re-run InfoEd Cognos Ad Hoc and InfoEd Cognos Reports GM084 and GM085
EXPECTED RESOLUTION: RESOLVED as of Tuesday, February 23 at 8 am

  • Proposal amounts for a subset of proposals on reports GM084 – Current, Pending, and Completed Awards and GM085 – Current, Pending, and Completed Active Awards and in the ad hoc environment were miscalculated in the warehouse after an unrelated change on February 10.
  • The issue has been corrected.
  • Please re-run any GM084/GM085 or ad hoc reports run between Feb. 10 and Feb. 23.



ISSUE: Pages in PD and PT, including the Personnel, Budget, and Award tabs, are coming up blank instead of loading content.
COMMENTS: If you have a proposal that is due to the sponsor today, please advise your Grants Officer right away.



ISSUE: InfoEd and associated reporting will be unavailable on Saturday, Dec. 19 from 6am - 1pm.
COMMENTS: Database maintenance will take a large number of systems offline during this time period.


ISSUE: Cognos BI InfoEd reports and ad hoc data are as of 7pm on 10/25
GM060 - Active Awards - All Roles
GM083 - Active Awards - Lead PI
InfoEd Ad Hoc
COMMENTS: Nightly updates were not completed for Cognos BI reports GM060 and GM083. This also has an impact on InfoEd Ad Hoc reporting.


ISSUE: There was an issue with the refresh of the InfoEd data warehouse.
AFFECTED REPORT: Only the GM085 - Pending Proposals - All Roles was affected
COMMENTS: The issue affects only GM085 - Pending Proposals - All Roles, and the report is unavailable until the issue can be resolved.


ISSUE: InfoEd will be unavailable from 6pm on Sept. 10 until 8am on Sept. 14 for an upgrade
COMMENTS: For upgrade details, please see the InfoEd Upgrade 2015 Announcement.



8/24 Update: Internet services have been restored and InfoEd proposal creation and S2S submissions can resume and are working correctly.

ISSUE: Proposals cannot be submitted System-to-System (S2S) and new proposals cannot be created in InfoEd
InfoEd PD
Until the issue is resolved, S2S proposals due immediately should be created in Adobe forms and submitted outside of InfoEd.
A lightning strike has taken down the Internet in a large portion of the Albany, NY area where InfoEd is based. They expect service to return early this afternoon (8/21).


ISSUE: Users are unable to access FFRA systems using the NUPortal
WORKAROUND: Use the following page instead:

COMMENTS: Please note that the Financial Management Systems Gateway page is available from "Login" link in the top navigation of the FFRA website. There are also a direct link to the systems in the dropdown area of that navigation item.



Call 847-491-HELP (847-491-4357) option 2 or email