Actuals Journals Security Access

Using the Express Security Access form

For each function that you need, make the corresponding selections below on the Express Security Access form.

Actuals Journals (Portal Journals)

Will you be...doing one or more of the accounting tasks below with revenue and expense accounts?

  1. correcting journals previously posted to the General Ledger?
  2. transferring live funds from one chart string to another?
  3. conducting business with agencies (student organizations, alumni association, or other entities in the Fund 700 series)?
  4. recording revenue from internal sales from one department/project to another?

Select Expense Entry, Requester, and GL Journals under NUFinancials - Data Entry and Inquiry.

Selections for the Actuals Journals (Portal Journals)
Figure 1: Selection for the Actuals Journals (Portal Journals).
Spreadsheet Journals

Will you be...

Balance Sheet Journals

Will you be...