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NUPlans System Access/Security


IMPORTANT: As of October 14, 2015, logging out of NUPlans will also log you out of other systems, such as NUFinancials.


Access NUPlans via the NUPortal > Financial > System Login.

Multi-factor Authentication is now enabled on NUPlans. This means that now, when you log into NUPlans, you will need the phone you have registered with MFA to complete the login process.  

Learn more about Multi-factor Authentication at Northwestern


NUPlans Forecasting
NUPlans Forecasting is accessed via NUPlans Web.

Note: VPN required from off campus


Annual Budgeting

NUPlans Budget Prep - Contributor
NUPlans Budget Preparation is accessed via Contributor.

NUPlans Budget Prep - Web
NUPlans Web is used in budget preparation for reports, commitments, and chart string maintenance.

Note: VPN required from off campus


Requesting Access

To request access to NUPlans, please use the Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration systems access forms, available at Security Forms and Workflow Setup.

System Roles

For more information about the roles available in NUPlans, see:
NUPlans Roles

Viewing User Access

  • Users with the Prep File role in NUPlans can view user access for their prep file’s budget groupings by using the User Access view located in the Administrative directory in NUPlans Web, for both Budget Prep and Forecasting.
  • The User Access Instructions web form provides more information on requesting security changes.

user access



For assistance, contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP), option 2 or email