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What is FAMIS?

The Facilities Asset Management Information System, FAMIS, is used to track the costs and work required for routine and emergency repairs, renovation and capital projects, preventative maintenance, housekeeping, ground maintenance, and other building and real estate operations.

FAMIS Applications

  • FAMIS Self Service
    Famis Home screen capture example
    FAMIS Self Service
    • Customer Service component of FAMIS
    • Used by approved administrative staff to create new or review open service requests
    • This includes general maintenance requests, department-funded work, or estimate requests
    • Provides detailed account level budgeting of designated, endowment and gift chart strings
    • Log in to Self Service from the Facilities page on NUPortal.
  • FAMIS Admin
    Famis Admin Home screen capture example
    FAMIS Admin
    • Maintenance Management system
    • Utilized by Facilities Management staff and department administrators
    • Used to approve costs, labor, purchases toward requested Work Orders for emergency, routine, and general maintenance and repairs, as well as construction and capital projects.
    • Log in to FAMIS Admin on the Facilities page System Login portlet on the NUPortal.
  • FAMIS Web
    Famis Web Home screen capture example
    FAMIS Web
    • Online web application for central Facilities Management employees to process and update service requests. 
    • Log in to FAMIS Web on the Facilities page Facilities Management Resources Portlet on the NUPortal.

Where to log in, how to request access, and system roles

Reminders and shortcuts for using FAMIS

Training webinar and documentation links

Where to get help, tips & tricks, supported browsers, and system status

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