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InfoEd PD Roles

This spreadsheet includes lists of personnel assigned to each of the roles shown below. Lists are organized "by role" and "by unit."

InfoED PD Role Assignments excel as of 7/28/16
Requires VPN from off campus

Role Assignment Definitions

Administrator Approver
Person who will approve a proposal before the proposal can progress to the Chairs, Chiefs, Deans, or Directors. This is an "optional role" and is identified by the unit's leadership.

Person who has access to all proposals within their role unit. They may additionally submit into route those proposals where the Principal Investigator has identified them as a delegate.

Department Head
Person who will approve proposals at the Division Chief, Department Head, Dean, or Director level (and those who have been granted the authority to approve on their behalf).

Investigator with Management
Faculty named as a Principal Investigator on proposals. Provides the ability to create and maintain access to their proposals.

Profile Administrator (Genius Administrator)
Person who can assign delegates and make updates to InfoEd Personnel Profile Name and Contact Information for those members assigned at the role unit (to include any child units)