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InfoEd Proposal Development

InfoEd's Proposal Development module (PD) provides an intuitive, browser-based interface that significantly reduces the effort related to the creation, review, and submission of applications for grants and contracts.

Northwestern completed its phased rollout of PD in mid-January 2012, and it became mandatory on April 2, 2012.


PD News

InfoEd Update: Inactivating Subaward Periods

Oct. 29, 2015

New Role for External Other Significant Contributors

Oct. 29, 2015

To streamline and clarify how to add external OSCs, InfoEd has added a new role on the personnel tab.

Detailed instructions:
Adding External Other Significant Contributors and External Personnel


Action Required: InfoEd Ad Hoc Reporting Update

Oct. 23, 2015

InfoEd Proposal-Protocol Matching

Sept. 22, 2014

PD Role Assignments
List of PD users by role and by unit

PD Tips & Tricks
An evolving list of FAQs and quick how-to's for working with PD

Links to training registration, online demos for approvers, and training materials

Known Issues
A list of current issues and related statuses, updated as new information becomes available

Please contact your Grants Officer in OSR for assistance.
You may also contact the NUIT Support Center or attend an Open Lab.


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1. Send a plain text e-mail to with no subject line.
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