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Grants Management

FFRA's Grants Management team focuses primarily on the implementation of the pre-award and post-award business processes within NUFinancials and InfoEd.


Extracts from the Research Administration workgroup's Executive Summary (Summer 2005) describing the tasks they performed and their scoping and phasing recommendation

InfoEd PD (Proposal Development) Implementation

Facts, rollout schedule, original kickoff presentation, and contact information.

Pre-Award Subfunction

The pre-award subfunction encompasses efforts associated with applying for sponsored research and initial setup of the award

  • Identifying funding opportunities

  • Creating elements required by (each) funder, including a detailed budget

  • Capturing reviews and approvals of departments and schools and OSR

  • Submitting the proposal to the sponsor

  • Negotiating the award

  • Providing additional required elements prior to the actual receipt of the award notice

  • Reporting in Cognos on high-level proposal and award data

Post-Award Subfunction

These processes cover the management of all Post-Award activities of spending, reporting, invoicing, maintenance, indirect cost redistribution, and closeout of awarded grants.

Cash Management Subfunction

These processes are activities to ensure that all valid payments due from sponsors are identified, required invoices are issued to the sponsor, and items due are tracked until they are relieved (either by payment or reversal of the invoice).

Implementation Team

Grants Management Business Owners and FFRA Grants Management Team members