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Grants Implementation Team

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Project Cafe

Keith Adams

Senior Business Analyst

Tom(my) Harmon

Team Lead Analyst

Kaneli Galiotos

Business Analyst

Derek Kozlowski

Senior Business Analyst

Virginia Robbins

Training and Readiness Lead


Business Process Owners – Grants Management

Elizabeth Adams

Director, Office for Sponsored Research, Evanston

David Lynch

Director, Office for Sponsored Research, Chicago

Michael Daniels

Senior Associate Controller/Executive Director,
Office of Financial Operations

Andrew Ludington

Associate Director for Electronic Research Administration, Office for Sponsored Research

Jane Roy-Singh

Associate Director, Accounting Services Research and Sponsored Programs

Janet Maher

Project Manager, 
Federal Stimulus Reports
Accounting Services Research and Sponsored Programs

Melody Delfosse

ASRSP Information Manager,
Accounting Services Research and Sponsored Programs


InfoEd Process Owner Workgroup

Gretchen Talbot

Director of Research Administration, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Reid Wellensiek

Senior Research Administrator, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Ellen Feldman

Director of University Research Center Administration, Office for Research

Jeff Weiss

Director for Research Core Planning, Feinberg School of Medicine

Ruth Allee

Director Training Grants Support, Graduate School

Jeanne Hughes

Assistant Dean, School of Education and Social Policy

Carmen Robinson

Research Administrator, School of Education and Social Policy

Cathy Barrera Assistant Director Research Administration, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Jane Rankin Associate Dean, School of Communication
Sheri Carsello Senior Research Administrator, School of Communication